Intermittent Performance Spikes, high time in Manipulators

Same here, it is back to normal after around a half a minute. I didn’t had this issue in the past.

Independent of airplanes.

Had the issue in Oregon.

Disabling VFR map doesn’t solve is, it has nothing to do with dev mode on/off.

I’ve had it happen on the world map and also in flight with various aircraft and locations. It would happen around every 15 minutes or so but only for 10 seconds or so. I turned off caching and deleted my cache and haven’t had an issue while in flight since but the world map problem still continues.

Same to me, the GPU randomly slows down and FPS drops and stutters begin, then, in a while, it recovers.

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Happened to me twice today during a 2hr flight along the western coast of Ireland in an XCub.
All the time it’s very smooth without issues and then suddenly it drops to stutters for a while and then recovers without apparent changes.
First I thought it was just AI traffic loading since I was approaching a small airport with some ground aircraft standing around, but later it happened again.

Developer Mode was disabled throughout the session. VFR map wasn’t open. When it first started stuttering, I tried opening the VFR map and moving it around (since I’ve read that it could help), but it didn’t help.

Ryzen 3600XT
16GB RAM (+32GB pagefile)
Nvidia RTX 2080 (most recent drivers, no changes in Nvidia settings)
Ingame graphics settings Ultra at 1080p.

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Recently I’ve noticed that stuttering and short pauses happen around the times whenever ATC is communicating. This became evident to me when I enabled AI Traffic and ATC and the AI pilots don’t seem to stop talking. This is probably happening with real-time traffic but for me, AI traffic is significant.

I recall a few months ago there was a recommendation to disable AI Traffic because it was causing many CTDs. I think there was a fix in one of the updates so I occasionally enabled AI Traffic. Now I am wondering if lots of ATC communactions is potentially one of the causes of stuttering.

Yup same here, i have had a bit of success by limiting the fps to 30 with vsync .

yeah same i even reinstalled the sim, i can go from high fps to 15 and it sits like that for around 30 secs, pc specs is amd 5600x, rtx 3080, 32gb of DDR4 3600 RAM. sim installed on SAMSUNG SSD,
i was using the fbw a320 and a custom download livery

Same here. Regardless of airframe/ location, etc.
GPU just goes to virtually idle and I’ve got 10 FPS as opposed to the usual 45-60 FPS.

Started happening right after the World UK Update.
They broke something.

Same here. It didn’t occur the last couple days though. I thought it’s gone but today it reappeared at different locations. Gpu usage drops from 78% to like 20% CPU at 40% for no apparent reason

Ok, so it looks like it’s not a frame rate thing, it’s a whole sim thing.

Same here, happens often and very suddenly.
I’m sure though this is gonna be fixed soon.

Yup same here, after the UK update. I’ll be flying along (even at 30,000 feet where i get no fps variance) and all of a sudden im a 5 for like 30 seconds and then im back to normal. It’s quite annoying.

Same here, last couple of days were okay, but as you say it might just be random.
In my system I have always been GPU limited.
I noticed that when this problem occurs, I am limited by main thread.
Strangely, at the same time, CPU isn’t even maxed out - one core is at 70% and all others at 30% or less.

Same here; GPU limited usually; and the main thread bound when these low fps issues happen; the CPU is not maxed; so perhaps related to photogrammetry downloading? I like in the UK so could it be a server issue? Can’t replicate the issue so far in non-photogrammetry mode

Just completed a flight LDRI-LIBD on the WT CJ4, live traffic and weather, no multiplayer. It was literally happening every few minutes, including while taxiing, during climb, high altitude cruise, approach and also on short final. Extremely annoying.

I turned photogrammetry back on and then used vsync on and fps lock to 60 which gives me 30 fps adjusted, and also switched the monitor to use the 30hrz setting and seems to be ok; is it possibly related to vsync changes in the latest update?

My photogrammetry and vsync are always on and fps is locked to 60. I still have the issue.

Just an additional note: I had this issue since the beginning until the first update with night lighting introduced can’t remember which one was that. Then everything ran smoothly. (I did long haul flights w B787) I mostly fly w FBW A32X. After the UK update this issue came back. Don’t know what has changed in the game files.

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Same. FPS will drop down to around 10 for a few minutes, then recover. This is highly irritating.

Currently doing a flight from LROP to EGMC using the custom FBW A320NX and its doing it every few minutes.

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Are you using vsync?

I do, since World Update 3 changed something that introduced heavy tearing artifacts without v-sync for me.