Is the HP Reverb g2 worth buying?

Hi there, I was wondering if the HP Reverb G2 is worth buying? It’s pretty expensive. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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If you have to ask, then Oculus Quest 2 is probably better value.

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Yes it is - I switched from a Samsung Odyssey and the improved resolution/clarity (screen door effect basically gone) makes it a keeper. You do need a very good graphics card. My GTX1080 only gives a tolerable experience in MSFS (it does much, much better in Aerofly FS2).

I have a Geforce RTX 2060 Card… The reason why I don’t really want to go with the Quest 2 is because I don’t want to use facebook


That’s cause Aerofly is a dead world!!!

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Worth it, i have an oculus rift s and G2, out of the box better perf and resolution.

I’m new with the VR world, I don’t know anything about it…I’m a newbie when it comes to VR.

Agree - with my GTX1080, the FS2 VR experience is really smooth and helicopter fans comment that their flight model is top notch. Unfortunately, I can’t enjoy the MSFS VR traffic & weather with the same smooth experience until I can upgrade my graphics card (maybe in a few months), then it will be MSFS 100% with my G2!

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Right now the G2 is clearly one of the best. I’ve had a number of them and it’s superior to all of them including the quest.
Are any of them comparable to a 4K monitor…NO. Someday hopefully.


The G2 has the best display, hands down. The biggest complaint I see with it is mediocre controller tracking - but if flight simulators (especially MSFS, which doesn’t have VR controller support) will be your primary usage, that really doesn’t matter. That being said, I’ve seen a variety of reports on this from “certain games are practically unplayable” to “what controller issues?”

The Valve Index has a fantastic screen as well, and utilizes lighthouse tracking - meaning greater range and precision on the controllers. This will be $999 USD as opposed to the G2’s $599 USD, though.

HTC/Vive also has a couple headsets (the Cosmos and Cosmos Elite, matching the G2’s and Index’s prices respectively), although I haven’t heard much that would give it an edge over the G2 or Index.


I’ve got one. I’m probably selling it. It has the clarity but it doesn’t have FOV, build quality or much of a sweet spot.

I’d have a Quest 2 but for Facebook so I’m waiting another generation. Or two.


I have a Quest 2 and a Reverb G2. I love the G2 for flight sim both MSFS and X-plane because of clarity.
I have hardware yokes and throttles so don’t need the tracking just use a mouse to work instruments. The quest 2 wireless is nice for Oculus ready games. Quest 2 requires a USB-3.2 port and Rift cable so plan MSFC about $60. you also really need the deluxe headset strap to keep it in place so another $40-50

Here is a short collection of comments about this:

Then if you’d like to read some more:

Fresh from the oven:

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Thanks for the links.

Mine worked for 2 days, then endleas error codes (and i’m not alone). HP Support is horrible, they got a lot of logs, but then…nothing. Since 2 weeks no support. So mine went back. For me the G2 is in public beta test - absolut no recommendation

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For a flightsim I would always opt for the headset with the highest resolution (which is currently the Reverb) as distant details are vanishing with less resolution.
I’m quite happy with the G1 which I bought more than a year ago.
We are still not quite there in terms of resolution but there are some technological hurdles to overcome first.

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I’m glad I can contribute to the demise of the G2 :joy:

Kidding apart, I’m awaiting for this: HP Reverb G2 Gasket | Etsy

Once received I’ll know for sure whether I should have spent my 600$ on a Yoke instead.

In the meantime, I have a great time with the trustworthy Index, TAA100+SS124 gives legible TBM EFIS (even the small green letters on the MFD) and if one day I can upgrade my test system with a high end 30XX, I know at least running the Index at TAA200+SS100 gives a much better effective resolution than the G2 in practice (but too low fps for now on a 2070S), because it is overall less detailed in the center, but it is not degrading as fast off center than the G2 and in the end, 80% of what you see when including the peripheral vision is more detailed in the Index - even at TAA100+SS124 already.

I have an geforce RTX 2060…I quess that would be a problem…

For some reason XP11 seems to have a slightly larger sweet spot and much less overall blur when looking around inside the cockpit. XP11 actually in my opinion right now is much better for VR than MSFS2020.

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Blur seems OK in MSFS for me. Other games are maybe a little crisper but not enough to be offensive.

It’s the lack of sweet spot primarily. There’s no such thing as looking around. I can only keep my eyes pretty much straight ahead. FOV is also pure binoculars.

I do however have an absolutely humongous head so the IPD won’t be quite enough and it’ll also be further away from my eyes compared to many people.