Is the HP Reverb g2 worth buying?

When I first got the G2 thoughts of returning it did cross my mind. I didn’t like the comfort, the FOV seemed even smaller than the Rift S, and the sweet spot seemed very small. I worked through all the issues and am absolutely loving it now.

For the comfort I had to add counter weights to the back strap

The small sweet spot issue went away when I sorted the comfort out and got the headset sitting on my head correctly, no issues with it at all now.

The best change though was to buy some replacement face foam from Amazon, designed for the HTC Vive and fix them using sticky velcro patches. 4 Pack 11 mm Pu Leather Foam Face Replacement Memory: Electronics
This increased the FOV by about 20 degrees, a HUGE improvement!!

You might want to check out what this guy said comparing Q2 with G2: QUEST 2 OR REVERB G2? LETS SETTLE THIS! MSFS VR - YouTube

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Hey Cpt.

Judging from the links, it appears Index is a little more fleshed out?

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Nothing is black and white, but having both the G2 and the Index I must say the experience is not just higher resolution panels.

  • G2 tracking in FS2020 is constantly lagging behind, Index is instantaneous and spot on.
  • G2 controllers can’t rival with Knuckles (although for FS2020 it is a moot point, there is no controller support)
  • G2 ecosystem/tools is like everything MSFT: they know better than you and are only offering pre-configured options and a few bread crumbs for the user, Valve ecosystem is open with lots of 3rd party tools and SteamVR own tools allowing you to adjust and tweak a lot of items.
  • G2 controller mappings are not all working, there is hardly a game without Index controller support.
  • G2 tracking is shifting the ref point (just rotating the head moves the view point), the Index is tracking both rotation and position consistently.
  • WMR reddit is not very active, HP Reverb reddit is littered with problems and HP intervene just for PR show (VoodooImaxx was very active and helping prior the G2 launch though), Index reddit is very active with lots of useful infos and help.
  • G2 headset cracks and squeaks whenever you move it, Index plastic/straps are 4x thicker and don’t bend.

Sure the Index resolution is lower but I must say when trying 200% TAA it was nearly as legible as the G2 in the center (my 2070S can’t cope with 200% though). This was the main thing I’ve noticed in the end:

  • G2 center (clarity disk) is small but high def compared with Index, but the effective perceived resolution falls off quickly off center to the point at maybe 40% off center you’re seeing less details than Index, with a lot of blur.
  • Index resolution is uniform nearly edge-to-edge (for me up to about 85% off center).
  • In turn, I have more resolution in the overall image the Index is showing than with the G2, which leads to naturally turn the eyes, not the head, to focus your attention to. It just feels natural.

Hard choices…

PS: I’ve forgotten: I can achieve the following HFOV:

  • G2 with gasket: 85 deg
  • G2 without gasket (eyes close to the lenses): 98 deg
  • Index with gasket: 105 deg

I didn’t measure VFOV but to put it simply, the Index topmost is at the limit of putting my eyes up, the bottommost is close to my eyes down, whereas the G2 is severely shorter vertically.

In addition, the Index is using 5 deg canted displays whereas the G2 is nearly parallel. I didn’t think about this too much before but in practice, it makes the Index image enveloping you more with a very small black edge to the external sides (between the panel image and your peripheral vision), whereas the G2 black edge to the sides is much wider and contributes a lot to the “binocular” view.

Last but not least, I don’t know how they manage to fail this one, but the G2 image size is noticeably smaller than the Index. It doesn’t mean much, but with the addition of the binocular sensation, it just makes you feel the world and the environment is smaller, whereas in the Index it feels life-like (I believe they are spot on vis-a-vis the human eye focal length and conveying a natural scale). In turn, when flying with one of the other, I always feel like “looking at things” with the G2, and “being there” with the Index.

PS: for info about the physical HMD FOVs:
HMD Geometry Database | Collected geometry data from some commercially available VR headsets.


Very good write up. Thank you very much for this!

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You’re welcome! This is just my experience with it, and I didn’t even tainted this with the other problem I’ve with the G2:

PSA: Reverb G2 small sweet spots, observations and solutions - Virtual Reality (VR) / General - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

NB: I’ve added a few more info in my post above.

Yes, it’s amazing

Dear Captain

On Reverb G2 the difference between the very clear and quite small sweetspot (even with the mods bringing the lenses closer to the eyes) is uncomfortable for me. I find myself often repositioning my headset to see better either the instruments on the dashboard or the scenery over it or through the left side window (which is even further from the sweetspot on G2) .


  • usage - mostly sims:
    — 60% MFS2020 (mostly GA planes, VFR flying, as I’m RW PPL(A) pilot and use the sim in winter to remain “current”),
    — 20% DCS,
    — 10% Elite Dangerous,
    — 10% “games” like HL Alyx,
  • PC:
    — CPU: i7-7700K OC 4.6 GHz (not the newest, but still quite strong single core perf.),
    — GPU: RTX 3070,
  • my vision is not perfect, a bit of myopia (between -0.5 and -1.0) so no matter what I look at is a bit blurry, but still not bad enough to force me to wear glasses in daily life (when not flying in RW),
  • I really regret being unable to bring to the VR cockpit my RW nav app - SkyDemon with nav maps and the option to make notes with Wacom tablet on my kneeboard - WMR OpenXR doesn’t support VRK or OVR Toolkit, with Index (Steam OpenXR) OVR Toolkit should be possible


1. Assuming you would have only Reverb G2, would you sell it (e.g. ebay) and buy Valve Index instead?

2. What about the screendoor effect on Index?

You are probably leaning towards Index, with the last chance for Reverb G2 depending on the FoV mod:

(I ordered it as well, expected next week).

I already have:

it helps, but not as much as I hoped for, also for me it produces more eyestrain resulting from having the eyes really close to the panels (accommodation-vergence issue?). It requires cleaning the lenses more often, as it easily catches grease from your hair when you move the headset up. So for casual gaming (HLA - most of the action in the dark, blurry off-centre area not so distracting) I stick with the original gasket.

Yokingly: Maybe the solution to the Reverb G2 should be putting a piece of foil in the sweetspot to make it more blurry, to reduce the difference between the sharp centre and the blurry rest?

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I’m also a RTX 2060 user. I think above comparisons are less meaningful for such middle spec computers. Even you cannot adopt the maximum resolution of cheaper Quest 2…

I don’t have a Index, nor do I have a G2. But with the G1, I hardly have any problems with the peripheral field of view. In the cockpit view, I can see the instruments quite clearly from left to right. Is the Valve lens in the G2 such a deterioration?
I find it difficult to follow those who believe that they can achieve a similar sharpness with half as many pixels (given they use no lower than 100% resolution).

…where you gonna buy it from ? as they none around !

I’m indeed waiting on the same gasket in order to see whether I can make things better before starting a RMA (too late for refund). In the meantime I’m not using it much at all for the same reasons: always repositioning it, never finding the “sweet spot” and all the other points I’ve listed above in this discussion.

Curiously I had the G1 in June and I returned it because of the G2 and knowing my Index was only a few weeks away in the meantime (well 9 weeks later it turned out). But I’m starting regretting it because the only thing I didn’t really like about the G1 was the chromatic aberration and they seem to have solved most of it now thanks to the WMR Anti-CA pre-distortion filter. The disk of clarity was not much higher and tracking was no lesser or better than G2 in any case for seated simulators, but it was not hurting my eyes and was in focus like the Index to me.

Nevertheless, if I were to choose one it would be the Index for sure. The G2 is not up the pre-order hype, and is not up the tech. The price difference between a G2 and an Index is worth it too (considering the number of hours we’re using it, it makes the difference much less important per hour):

  • It really requires one using both to immediately see and feel how superior outside-in tracking of the Index is vastly superior to WMR inside-out. Trying to put this in words is hard, but it is just perfect tracking for the headset, but also the hands. For example I can never precisely throw anything in HLA with the G1/G2, I’m always spot on with the Index.

  • The next time (Index 2, Pimax, Decagear, XTal, Varjo, Other…) you won’t have to purchase base stations and knuckles, just the HMD.

I also don’t find any significant SDE in the Index, at least, nothing distracting me. I’ll be honest saying the G2 panel pixel density is really neat (at the center of course) and this makes me wanting an Index 1.5 refresh with the just the G2 panels resolution. The only visible artifact in the Index is the vertical banding (a side effect of rolling pixel refresh among other things) but this is controllable and not an hindrance to me in practice (maybe I got used to it too): Index headset Vertical Banding: Through the lenses pictures and thoughts

I’ve also been wondering about the accommodation-vergence issue and whether using the Index for a few months didn’t affect me in a way making me having a difficulty with the G2 optics now, but I don’t think this is the case at all.

However there are different people reporting about how OXR 100 is giving them larger disk of clarity and this is also making me wondering whether the WMR VRS is not kicking in where it shouldn’t. When configuring WMR in “Performance” mode, it is also doing VRS (variable rate shading) so that center is 1:1 pixel shader computations but peripheral is maybe 2:1 or more. If there is a bug in the WMR/OXR chain it is possible it is doing VRS and this would be reducing the disk of clarity even if you’re not in performance mode. Otherwise it might well be their shader code pre-distorting the image for rendering is not filtering the pixels with a sharp enough algorithm (to illustrate only: using bilinear instead of Lanczos).

Do you have any experience with bringing other apps (I consider SkyDemon and OneNote for making notes on my Wacom tablet simulating the RW kneeboard) to the virtual cockpit with Index and OVR Toolkit?
Any performance impact?

With G2 I observe huge (50%) performance drop when trying to use Steam OpenXR + OVR Toolkit (VRAM exhaustion on RTX3070?).
I also have ca. 20% FPS drop when attempting to bring WMR desktop (using WMR OpenXR) from the WMR Cliff House to the MFS2020 virtual cockpit. WMR desktop is also much less convenient compared to OVR Toolkit.

Lack of the navigation app I use for the RW flying and lack of the options to look at the real VFR map + making notes (e.g. frequencies or ATC clearances - I fly with Pilot2ATC - 100% voice communication) is blocking me from abandoning my 5-display setup (not properly supported by MFS2020) in favour of VR.

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@stekusteku unfortunately not much experience yet. The only overlay I’ve brought in is fpsVR :joy:

It wouldn’t surprise me it is taking as much resources but this might depend on your monitor resolution to some extent (if you’re in 4K, try setting your monitor as 1K instead for example and see if this makes any diff).

Otherwise another possible reason is the NVidia CPL settings. I’m suggesting VR pre-rendered frames to 1 but I don’t know whether this could be having an impact on displaying overlays.

Having said this, if the same kind of overlays is not taxing your system with another game, it might just be FS2020 doing something on its own affecting the performances in this case. I don’t know if you have any other OXR app you could try to compare though.

Returning to your base suggestion for G2 (from TAA 70% to 60%, OXR 100% on RTX3070) helped with acceptable FPS (~30) with WMR OpenXR desktop taken into the sim.
I will try reducing display resolution, it will help with bigger symbology in SkyDemon.

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I’ve had Oculus 2 since December, been tweaking and tweaking, read everything from Cpt! and others on this forum. Thank you all for your contribution to the VR knowledge base.

My setup:
i7 6700K OC to 4.6
RTX 3070 FE
32 GB
Have tried Quest link and Virtual Desktop (walking around the plane with no wires is kinda awesome btw). I get it to an acceptable FPS, playable smoothness, but then the next day its back to not great experience. I can turn everything down to blurry heaven but then its not an enjoyable experience. Whats frustrating is setting on day 1 doesn’t work on day 2.

I am considering getting the Reverb G2 again (had it on preorder since September and then the whole pre-order saga ensured, got tired of waiting and waiting on HP then on VR launch Dec 22 I cancelled my "pre-order, walked into a Best Buy and walked out with the Quest!

After the very first experience of being in the cockpit in VR, there is no going back to 2D. I have to get VR to work. I cant bring to play in 2D anymore, the immersion is not there anymore.

I was fine (accepted the current state of VR) with my setup until a few days ago when I saw the Video from VR Flight Sim Guy comparing this uber machine (3090 and etc) on both G2 and Quest 2. His conclusion of G2 is superior in everyway got me thinking about the G2 again.

So the question for you folks while we all hold our breath till the next world update and beyond to summer for the elusive DX12 for better VR performance & the new Nvidia driver updates which doesn’t seem to help us in MSFS

I enjoy flying C172, steam gauge planes, Low for VFR flights. No commercial, no Jet, no glass cockpits. I would like the scenery to look sharp, gauges being a bit blurry doesn’t bother me as we use them to glance at.

Is HP Reverb G2 worth buying if I already have a Quest 2?


Everyone is different, many get on fine with the G2 but some don’t. There are issues with it, specifically surrounding comfort, the sweet spot and FOV, but I solved all those issues (see my earlier post in this thread) and I absolutely love the G2 now.

Once you get the G2 working for you, you have the best and clearest visuals currently available in VR today, and that means you have MSFS2020 looking better than it will look in any other headset on the market.

If you are lucky and you get a working G2 - yes it is. But the G2 has some strange Problems with the USB Connection, and the HP Support is simply bad. So, my G2 went back after 3 wonderful Days, followed by 3 frustrating weeks with connection errors (and I tried everything…hours and hours without success)…now I have the quest 2, and yes it simply works. But, the image quality is not compareable with the G2. If HP would guarantee me, that they solved the USB Problems, I would by it again (but, unfortunately they say nothing to the problems, a shame).

The problem with asking for buying advice online is that the ones with problems will voice their opinions loudly and forcefully, while those without problems are too busy enjoying their toys. The G2 is my first VR headset, and so far it has been fine. No issues hooking it up to either my main game machine or now my dedicated VR rig. It took a while getting it adjusted on my head, but I find it quite comfortable. I’m happy with the visual quality, but of course I don’t have anything to compare it with.

If I had to do it over again, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy the G2 over anything else.

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I love my G2! I had some major issues in setting it up (it didn’t play well with my computer’s USB hook-ups for some reason) but all issues are resolved now and I wouldn’t go back to flat screen. I actually tried and I was frustrated at having to move the mouse around or find a keystroke just to look out the plane window when in VR I can just turn my head.
I have used the Quest 2 as well but I find the G2 much clearer and way more comfortable to wear.

The only disadvantage to VR right now for a VFR pilot like me is that you cannot take maps and charts in the cockpit with you. I understand there are 3rd-party solutions, though.