Is there a hotfix coming for SU7?

You suggest this behaviour is intended and not a bug? That would be a nightmare for me. There is no point in using TrackIR for me until it gets fixed. :frowning:


Here’s quote from the recap released today:

Martial – We’re working on some features, and after that, we will have to check everything related to do with multi-screen and widescreen and the FOV and UI that come with it. It has been started.

I suppose this can be interpreted either way, but even if Martial is not 100% informed about the topic, it seems to me that it’s not something they’ll just muck up without proper research into what is needed.

But I’m generally much more optimistic than your grumpy self. :wink:

Anyway, this is a thread about a possible hotfix, so…

I had the same exact problem. Deleting the rudder options in controls and reimplementing them resolved my problem.

I do hope I’m wrong. I really do. I want this multi-monitor support. Badly, in fact. And I want it done right. And I know if it’s implemented incorrectly, we’ll be stuck with a system that doesn’t actually do what we need it to and the likelihood it will be changed in any short term is pretty much nil.

Every time I’ve been optimistic about some fix or new feature, I’ve ended up disappointed because they’ve bungled it up, had no real concept of what was being requested, or just broke countless other things in the process of implementing a new feature. I want to be positive, but it’s hard seeing the history of the sim since launch.


Almost 500 votes for this SU7 Bug/Issue now:

Come on Microsoft/Asobo please learn to communicate with your customers, waiting for Thursday’s “blog” just hoping something may be mentioned simply isn’t good enough.


I was actually quite cheered up by the phrasing of the answer in the Q&A as for it me it did seem to acknowledge that viewports/camera views are actually part of the requirement for multiscreen.

I’m going to remain quietly optimistic for now.

I think there are elements of this but also they were trying to add Tobii functionality to the sim and I’ve discovered that Tobii actually requires a lot more control functionality to come from within the sim itself. (a surprising lack of functionality compared to TrackIR given its asking price) I’m therefore willing to accept that while trying to work their way through implementation of this for the Tobii that something got properly broken for TrackIR and that the “toggle on/off” might actually be a quick and dirty fix to restore some functionality back to TrackIR?

Should it have shipped this way? I would prefer not. It would have been better to fully implement Tobii and have both working properly but also they have Jorg piling feature requests and setting deadlines and likely making the “ship it the way it is and fix it later” call. (After all, he’s the producer for Microsoft and that’s his role, he’s setting these targets, setting the release cadence and making the quality at ship date calls)


This Toolbar bug in VR is killing me…Ill be none happy if we have to wait till SU8 for a offical fix on this


I honestly think you’re focusing too much on the things that haven’t turned out so well - yet, while forgetting how much has actually improved dramatically.

Do you remember how disappointed you were with the small improvements in the G1000 in one of the early updates? They clearly took the community’s reactions to heart, and soon we’ll have a super cool complete Garmin NXi. That’s just one example of many things that make me enjoy taking part in the journey towards excellence in this simulator. And much more is to come from WT and others.

When I watch the Developer Q & A’s, I sense that MS/Asobo are very open to taking in expertise in areas that have turned out to be more involved than they may have initially thought. And I believe them when they say that they read everything here and understand that “serious” simmers need at lot of stuff that isn’t there yet.

I think this sim is great, and they did a lot to improve it and they will add tons of more features.


I can’t fly currently because clouds at my home airport are covering the runways on a CAVOK day. You could look past that when just taking an aircraft out for a spin and set the weather manually so i can see the runway but not when flying on VATSIM. So basically i’m grounded for weeks probably. It would be weird if i have to ask the controller for the cloud to move away from the runway before i can proceed. Or do a go around because a cloud is on the runway.

So no matter how good they are working on it and how many features they will add, if you can’t fly seriously all the features are useless.


If it didn’t prevent me from being able to actually use the sim I paid for and love flying in so much, I wouldn’t be anywhere near as upset. The fact they’re improving certain things means nothing if all of a sudden it means I have to disable ATC voices and PG in order for network services to not ■■■■ the bed and cause a CTD. And I haven’t had weather working since Saturday. So I can’t even use Vatsim to fly if I want to.

That’s just the show-stopping issues. That’s no mention of the myriad of bugs introduced in various other systems, including the ones in the known issues section of the patch notes.

Microsoft realized how garbage Asobo’s default GPS systems were compared to a team of “amateurs” that were releasing a far better quality products for free. They realized the potential of the WT team and tasked them with fixing the GPS systems and flight planning / management systems as a result.

I stopped playing too due to the weather issues. I wonder what’s the status of the weather investigation. We’ve had similar situation like this, the temperatures were too high at high altitudes and we expected an immediate hotfix if I recall correctly. That also took some time.

I think the users would be happier if some certain statements were made by the dev team, to inform people about what’s going on with the current status. But they rather choose development updates for that I guess.

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And that issue is back again if you fly above FL440.

If we’re lucky, they may announce a hotfix in the devblog tomorrow. But so far, it’s been nothing but deafening silence. Despite constant promises of better communications, communications have actually deteriorated over time. Much like the quality of the simulator overall.


Couldn’t agree more.

I mean personally I don’t mind if the hotifx is released let’s say next week, I’m completely okay as long as it works. I only want better communication and not this silence.

By the way I didn’t know if this was still present in the sim since I only fly between 28000 and 38000.


Way of communication between Asobo/Microsoft and us clients is bad as trash since SU5!!

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They do post a dev update every Thursday. I guess this week‘s one will tell us. What do you expect? Them giving us water level updates every day???

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My mouse is set to default but its still dead, I even bought a new mouse but still no joy, I would be so very happy if you could tell me what I have to do to get it working again please

I hope they sort this weather issue soon. I’m getting really sick of taking off and landing in CAT II/III conditions all the time. Time to bust out REX but it’s not as good as MSFS (when it works)

they never communicate, a few mods but thats all. they just dont care enough i guess. they broke it and they knew it what broken so they said … dont matter. we sell rino thats better

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Bit of an unnecessary exaggeration, the community is asking for one update.


Fix your own PC instead of waiting for Asobo to do it for you. The sim works fine. Your settings are screwed up.