Is there a hotfix coming for SU7?

Make sure there is nothing in your community folder or any other mods beyond that interfering.

Hello, im a user of MSFS.
Weather on airpot is very bad, always haze and clouds very low. Please, could you fix that?
Last update was very good. thank you:)

Thanks! Ill give it a try

Fair - but I did have to smirk given your ask and your username… :upside_down_face:


Mine reset also, but only once so far, which was rather annoying as I didn’t clearly remember what they were before…

I get it that people think TrackIR is no longer working after the last update. I had the same experience. The truth is that it still works fine, just different. If you have assigned a hot key or button to pause TrackIR, disable it in the TrackIR program and reassign the key in sim options to toggle TrackIR on/off. I have had no problems since.

This may be problematic for those who use TrackIR for other games also.

If you do that you can’t pause and keep the view. For instance you cant look closer at the FMC and then press pause to start working on it.

With your solution pause will snap the view back to default correct?

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It is the sim if your on xbox series x or s

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Pausing TrackIR with the head-tracking toggle does return the view to default, but I then can move the view with the hat switch and zoom (I think I can zoom with the mouse wheel).

So another words, it works fine for you because you don’t use TrackIR like others do and don’t mind using camera controls in addition to trackIR for what other do solely with trackIR, correct?

For me and many others, we don’t want to have to do it that way. It worked fine before and having a pause key for trackIR is a blessing in that you could look at an instrument., pause trackIR while looking at that instrument, have the view stay there, make adjustments/tune knobs etc. and then unpause and have trackIR go right back where you’re now looking.

Further, what happens when you lose your LED for a couple seconds (looking off screen, drinking a sip of coffee, etc.), TrackIR turns off and you have to turn it back on again. This gets pretty old very fast.


The weather has never been more unrealistic.


Not sure if this is off Topic reading the forums it seems VR and TrackIR is broken, I cant do VR it just does not work for me, so was thinking about TrackIR…however the work around to me does not sound brilliant if you are setting up to land, I understand there are workaround but thats not the way it should be.

Correct me if I am wrong

BTW, I will support anything that is VR or TrackIR, if it doesnt work…because I believe this Sim should work for everyone including multiscreen cockpitsim pilots.

So there should be a hotfix for VR pilots and TrackIR…then hopefully for sim pilots enjoy Multiscreen…

For me personally I am having only minor issues, which I can live with .

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I can’t wait to see what kind of mess they’re going to make of that. By Martial’s comments last Q&A (albeit vague) referring to field of view, it sounds like they’re reproducing nVidia Surround inside the sim vs giving us proper camera / multiple viewport options.

I’m not hopeful this is going to turn out as people expect.


Well sorry thats not what Asobo promised from day one, apologies if I misquoted “No pilot will be left out”…did they promise,something like that??. From the forum issues leaving out pilots that Love VR, cockpit builders.

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Every plane I have flown (B787, B737Max, CRJ’s (all 4 types), A320NX, KingAir, Cessna Citation Log…) all in VR (As once your VR you don’t go back) and I am unable to interact with the toolbar, able to pushback, able to communicate with ATC (unless I flick backwards and forwards from 2D which takes away the experience for me) and all ILS approaches on all the above aircrafts do not stay on the glide slope anymore (since SU7), they meet the GS and all dip to far down. You have to manually take over the aircraft otherwise AP GS will crash into the ground way sghort of the runway. So i can only speak for the above aircrafts.

By the way even with all these issues I have become so used to Asobo ruining an experience after each update to begin with that I have leant to take deep breaths and live with it. BUT I do have to say that with this latest update, for me, I am loving the new and improved realistic scenery outside the cockpit windows. And my performance has improved slightly since SU6 so I can’t really complain. At least my CTD’s have stopped…for now…

I absolutely disagree … try updating your gpu driver to the latest and not one that worked well in 1974.


That’s funny because I got the opposite impression, i.e., that they know exactly what is required. But Martial can be a little difficult to understand sometimes, and in this video his sound quality wasn’t the best, either.

I do hope I’m wrong. But as soon as he brought up they were struggling with field of view in multi-monitor support, that right there to me indicated they’re not doing the independent multiple camera / viewport, because FOV wouldn’t be an issue if that’s what was being done. Struggling with FOV would only occur if they’re trying to create 1 larger display out of multiple screens, much the way we see the FOV distortion now using nVidia Surround.

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The ability of looking around the cockpit with trackIR and pausing the view to work with the overhead panel and FMC gives me a lot of immersion. Without it a have to revert back to the regular way of navigating the cockpit views which defeats the purpose of TrackIR for me.


Exactly this. When the default TrackIR software controlled it, it behaved correctly. Look in a direction, pause, and it holds that position. Makes it useful for out of the way panels, instruments, controls, etc, or even for looking around to take screenshots.

Asobo decided to take over the control of TackIR and implement their own useless behaviour instead, basically defeating the purpose of that stock feature. They don’t understand it because they don’t use it, but force an incorrect behaviour based on their ignorance of how it’s supposed to actually work.