Is there an Airport Moving Map available?

When taxiing it would be good to have a moving map to navigate to the gate. Does anything like this exist?


Avliasoft EFB does that and many other things.

Navigraph has that functionality, among others.

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I’ve been using an Android App called “Avare”. It is freely accessible, although they would appreciate donations to help keep the data servers running as they provide free aviation database updates. I use it for real flying, too.

I wrote these instructions on how to connect your tablet or phone with Avare to MSFS.

It is a moving map, and, to see where you are on the airport, you would go to the “Plates” and pull up the associated plate for the airport (and procedures).

Navigraph does it. That’s typically my first choice. Not everone want to pay the subscription fee though.

So does Little NavMap. It’s free (although donations to the author are highly recommended) and loads the scenery from within the sim. So on airports where all the taxiways are labelled incorrectly (most airports), real world charts aren’t as much help. Little NavMap will use the taxiways as they’re listed in the sim.


Does using Little Nav Map or Navigraph affect performance in the sim? I was wondering if it lower frame rates much.

No it does not reduce framerates

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I just use the maximum zoom level on the VFR map window. It may be pretty basic, but at least I can see where I’m going as I make my way around.


This is what i use, I hope they inprove it with updates

Little Navmap for me, even better if you can run it on a second monitor or it will also link to a tablet etc.
Of course it will do far more than help you taxi around, I use it to plan all my flights. TBH it takes a bit of getting used to but worth it.

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Yes awesome app. Very intimidating at first but once you spend some time learning things it becomes one of the best companions.

No need for a second monitor. Just Little Navmap & the toolbar add on:


Try simtoolkit pro. It is free and it has nice UI. Lot of useful information along with moving maps, airport layout with taxiway numbers, simbrief, navigraph & skyvector integration etc…

Do you not need a subscription for the airport charts/maps?

you can use Have to sign up but all digital charts are free.
I have printed charts for each flight ( departure airport, SID, STAR, ILS Appr and destination airport) and use Little Navmap to locate my plane at the airport. That way when ATC talks to me I have it all available.

FSTramp try it is far more than an airport moving plan…

FltPlan app does this on the fly on the iPad app. Just used it for the first time with PilotEdge and was slick. You load the airport diagram from the sectional, zoom out to get the regular sectional and when landing your plane shows up on the aircraft diagram if you zoom into the diagram. (Or from departure) Really nice.

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For the real world charts, you do need a subscription for Navigraph.
You do not for Avare, updates are free, though, they would appreciate a donation if you use it often and want to .
Little Nav Map is useful because it gets it data from MSFS, so it shows all the wrong taxiway designations that, in the context of MSFS are correct.

With Avare, it’s highly likely the taxiway paths won’t be correct, unless you’ve downloaded an update for the airport and it’s been correctly edited.

The advantage of a Navigraph subscription is, not only do you get the updated maps and plates, but they also replace most if not all airports with the correct layouts in the sim.

Skyvector I believe is similar to Airnav and is just a site with airport information.

I can’t speak to and details about Simbrief.

FltPlan Go on Android or Foreflight, if you want a tablet version used by actual pilots.

SimToolkitPro and Volanta. Both free and lots of additional features. Fortaxying, navigraph isnt that good imho. I use all 3 of these tho, for different purposes.