Issue with graphic card

Hi, since sometimes i cannot use MSFS due to freeze after launching but up to now i was unable to identify any origin to this…
Today i can see this box displayes

My graphic card is a RTX3070, so how can i understand where is the issue.
When i open the Nvidia driver there is nothing special


Warning: Your graphics device has encountered a problem - Bug Reports / Install, Performance & Graphics - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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Not sure to understand

Do u mean that there are solutions by following this link ?
Or that i should submit my case in this section shown by the link ?

Why not follow the link to find the Soluttion or contribute to the bug report?

Why ask if you should do either?


I followed it … And didn’t really understood…

Ok so i will do it again on my computer maybe better to follow and understand

Thanks anyway for the help

More specifically, this is the official response regarding this error, which was added to the last SU10 beta build. However, most people find these solutions aren’t fixing this problem.

I just had this issue this morning too. Yesterday I upgraded, tested without community add-ons - works great.

Relaunched with community addons, mostly aircraft. I have trees and marine traffic. It worked fine for a whole day of flying.

This morning though I get this message. I haven’t changed any settings I took whatever defaults came with SU10.

So what gives?

Update: I changed TAA to NVIDIA DLSS and that fixed it. I have no clue what DLSS is and how else it will affect my graphics but at least I can fly!!

So, by reading the link and also the above posts, i understand that there is no real answer to this issue, or that all solutions have not yet been identified …

But, i was able to fly without issue after having just reset the Nvidia 3D settings to default…

Now it seems ok to fly, no more error, and it was a flight on screen, not with the Quest2 in VR.

Also my community is empty, so no adds-on active…

i confirm that on this new trail i was able to launch a flight, i activated also DLSS NVIDIA, then increase all settings to ULTRA and increased the cursor just below DLSS (i don’t remember the name), up to 180, before everything was ok, but then at 180 i got the same windows talking about an issue with graphic card. So i lost all MSFS there.

But, GPU load was lower than 50%, CPU load also lower than 50%, temp were at 55C for GPU and 45C for CPU, memory was not loaded etc…

So… i don’t know why i get this message…

Seems to be another bug/error after new update SU10. Well done devs!

new error

Same error in my sim this morning …and i believe this is replenish error from memory leak (what is commonly known from previous versions of the game) to that one.

Game close itself, restart again and now running well. Don’t know how long

I had this error a couple of times after SU10 install.
I deleted the files in the Direct X shader cache and have not had it again.

Edit, A bit pemature the error has come back, seems very intermittent, and FYI i’m on Win10.

where are located these files ?

if you assume shader issues, try at first a “windows cleanup” ( e.g. drive C , properties, cleanup ) and then in the dialog choose shaders:

You can also clean the nvidia caches: C:\Users\XXXXXXXXX\AppData\Local\NVIDIA . Clean the two folders " xxxCache ". Note that you can possible not remove all files, depends on currenty running apps on your pc. Also note that next start of app may takes a little bit longer.

interesting, no more cleanup option now here… windows 11… !


Ok found it, if we click on details we go there

then on temporary files and we reach this

thanks Microsoft to make things more complex for us :slight_smile:


thats exactly what I hate on win11… useless moving of menues, settings, etc…

But, try it out and please report back :slight_smile:

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also the nvidia cache folder cleaned ?

If both not helps, then report from @NapalmKiwi is may be not the root cause :slight_smile:

PS : and dont forget the existing bug topic whic TenPatrol mentioned

ah same question for nvidia cache folder… i should find it in these temp folders or files during the windows cleanup ?
but i cleared all temp files…

and in this topic shown by TenPatrol, there are so many answers, … but i will read it again…

that nvidia clean you must do manually:

Open these folder ( XXXX is your username ):


You find folder like “DXCache” and “GLCache”.

Delete the files within these folder which you can delete. If you get message that some file can not deleted, skip that files.

We no know what the trigger for that popup is. So you can also checkl whether a message is logged in Windows Event Viewer if that happens.
And the usually test with a “limited fps” in nvidia control center , might be also an idea.