Issues with multiplayer

Having issues with multiplayer, my friend is online but i cant see him online , shows he is disconnected . What the solution to this ?


Similar issue here, I can see him, he cant see me.


Asobo or microsoft whats the fix for this ?


Same - I could see my friend, he couldn’t see me.

We then grouped up and neither could see each other! Lol

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are you both on the same region of MP Servers? US East/West - Europe - Asia?

from what i understand, you can only see players that are on the same continental region servers.

also, are your MP Settings matching?


Having the same problem. Even when my friend who appears to be offline invites me to a group and I join, shortly thereafter it notifies me that my friend has left the group. Impossible to connect on multiplayer as a result.


Same servers, in a group and we can’t see each other, then we could… very intermittentp


hmmmmmm, Zendesk report the issues then

Yes did any of you report it ?

I went to KLAX and found no one… Went to KJFK and saw no one…
Where do we find the selection for USA East or West Server ??
I am on the Gulf Coast US and so far have not seen any other MP Aircraft.
Home base is KPNS (Pensacola, FL, Home of the Blue Angels) and I have never seen anyone there either.

Hi all, I have been flying around europe and then east coast usa florida region and seen nobody online, do you have to be friends with people in multiplayer to fly with them ? can we not just join multiplayer and see whoever is online like fsx ?

Same issue here

The Servers are literally dying right now. Give it a few days when it all calms down it should be fine then.

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Another user here with the same problem, I tried all sorts last night including opening up ports on my router, sadly no joy.

Its still has a issue . I am a alpha tester and it has the same issue . Please i ask you guys to go to zendesk and send this Issue asap . Thanks .

Same problem here…i can’t see anybody of my friends…but they are connected…

I’ve logged a support request, but if this has been an issue since alpha then I’m not sure it’s an important issue for them.

how can’t be an important issue?It’s the core of multiplayer group

Bro its just day 2 . Give them
Time . They will fix it .

Thank you! I’ve just tested it and it works.

Try to land at a same place to see each other and start your flight session.


  • Make sure you are on a same server
  • Make sure to be grouped
  • In General option > Data > activate multiplayer