It seems they have pretty much maxed out the capabilities of the series x already

Or this -

I’m sure that, at least with Xcloud, some rendering of graphics is done by the device. A basic amount, but some.

I remember watching a video about the tech and it did require the device torender some basic elements to help latency.

There’s a video on the tech somewhere but it was probably a few years ago.

Min requirements on Android are Android 6 devices and basically any integrated onboard intel graphics from the past five years will work fine. It’s just displaying a 1080p video. You don’t need any form of Nvidia/AMD gpu. My thinkpad x1 carbon from 2016 works fine, and that’s most definitely not got any form of gaming GPU

Exactly. All you need is the CPU/GPU capacity to decode the video stream you receive from the cloud in real time. Beyond that, the CPU captures your input device commands and streams them out to the cloud to be processed there.

Dream on. Try to look at it from a server-perspective: you don’t do video streaming for a user who requests a new video every 10 milliseconds.

Flying MSFS online live, in a video format is a few years away… we’ll have CPU+GPU development first, until servers are up to the task. Keep in mind when you want a video, the server has to run one high level GPU task per user and also compress and transfer full screen video to that user, in parallel. The high quality video alone requires a multiple of the bandwidth MSFS uses now. Why do you think we pay for netflix ? It could happen on a mobile phone at 8FpS, not on 1080p at 30FpS.

Another pitfall 100% cloud-optimists forget is connections to other servers. That load is now spread, we have to connect to Bing (and ATIS?) ourselves, while playing. When the server does all the work, it has to do all Bing requests from the same place. Not very effective…

I think DLSS (or rather AMD counterpart) is the answer. If properly used should give kick in graphics quality (okey it’s hard to name it quality, but idk better word.)

Interesting technology, it would give you the same gain as 50% rendering scaling, with far better output. However I wonder if it is applicable for MSFS colors. Color range and scenery variety is much larger than the average game…

Here is a discussion topic about DLSS,

There’s also a wishlist topic about DLSS.

Nah I just don’t see this at all.

Firstly this console is new and devs are only just getting to grips with what it can do.

Secondly if you ask me, the graphics aren’t that great. Yes they are nice and all but I’ve seen better looking games. What I would say it’s the streaming aspect that could hit the consoles hardest, when trying to bring in the map you are flying.

But the graphic models are pretty basic and as others have said there’s no ray tracing.

I mean look around some of the airports and the buildings. Up close they are just very basic models. Yep don’t see where all the power comes from is needed?

But it already happens?? Everything you’re saying is already solved and already happening for a LOT of games. And in happens in 1080p 30fps…

I guess most people here haven’t actually tried any of the new cloud based gaming services.

I encourage everyone to give it a go - if you have GamePass Ultimate, you can go to and try any of the games they have streaming. Just see for yourself…

I’m willing to bet that MSFS will be on XCloud in less than a year from today :slight_smile:

Here are some games that are already streaming on XCloud - Best xCloud games to play and take true advantage of Xbox streaming | GamesRadar+

Anyway, we shall see, but cloud streaming is literally only limited by latency and bandwidth- the last mile problem is the only thing left to solve. For me, it’s already solved… I have 1 Gbit symmetric fiver and sub 20ms latency to Microsoft and Sony’s data centres and I use cloud gaming frequently. It’s fun to play on the IPad.

Anyway, I think we’re straying away from the topic now so I’ll end by saying - don’t take my word for it, try it yourself and see.

At the same time, there will be newer gaming PCs as well, so the feature/performance gap will still apply.

going forward, ms/asobo will make code optimizations which will make the game run better on xbox (and pc), i wouldnt expect too much though. but they wont be able to take advantage of newer cpu’s and gpu’s and ram on pc as the game must be compatible for both xbox and pc. unless they make options or sliders for pc only (is the new off screen terrain caching slider for pc only?).

a game being held back by console versions is nothing new, ive seen it all before.

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I think most people with a PC who play MSFS have a 2060 or better and at least 16GB of dedicated RAM. So saying the Xbox is faster than 95% of PCs is based on nothing. Maybe it’s 20%, 50%, 40% or 80% it could be anything. But still most desktop PCs are faster and more capable than consoles and this has always been the case. And when they release it’s already 2 year old hardware and will be the same for the coming 5 years.

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■■■■■… as is said before… look at games at the start of a new generation und look at games after 3-4. Its a totaly diferent in case of GFX… but as every time… by the end, it is about hate against console users…


The most popular graphics card of august 2021 on the steam user survey was a GTX 1060.

Which isn’t an issue for a flightsim. Keep in mind, Asobo stated that the aerodynamics simulation runs at a higher framerate, even when fps on screen are low. That means that you could even get playable results with 24 Fps or so. Nothing to worry about. If we consider that you can get that level of fidelity on a 600 dollar machine…I mean, what else can one want? I’d feel blessed and lucky as an Xbox user.

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Why do you equate streaming a cloud game to a user switching to a new video every 10ms?

Cloud gaming is a dedicated architecture optimized around game code processing and 3D rendering, with racks and racks of servers that are real physical console hardware for console streaming, or with high end CPUs and GPUs that can be split into virtual resources, and absolutely massive server farms with additional storage, processing and terabits/s of low latency networking bandwidth, both local and through major Internet Exchanges and POPs, often within a cloud providers DC or backbone network.

There is dedicated hardware encoding to translate the display output to video streams (H.264 MP4 or now more usuallyH.265 HEVC) which results in high quality streams to users with low overhead and using data streams that are in the region of 5-15 mbps even for 4K ultra quality. In many cases, critical cloud services such as Bing or processed photogrammetry data is likely to be co-resident in the same facility with the game streaming infrastructure, resulting in very high performance for scenery streaming and quality.

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I read that Microsoft was stunned when over 2 million PC users purchased MSFS 2020 within the first 6 months of its release, as everybody knows PC gaming is dead…lol

I wonder if the long term money will come for Microsoft/Asobo from Xbox users. Will Xbox users be willing to purchase a thousand dollars or more of addon content through Market Place like PC users do, or will they move on to the latest, greatest D&D game when they are bored with MSFS 2020 in a month or two.

I think the real question is which player has the addon staying power with MSFS 2020…the Xbox player or the PC simmer?

And this is not to disparage the serious flight simmer who simply cannot afford a gaming PC. I’m glad to welcome them to flight simming on Xbox. I just think they are in the minority of Xbox users flying MSFS 2020, and Microsoft/Asobo will focus future development of MSFS 2020 on the most lucrative long term income stream through the Market Place.

You think it’s 40ms ? imho responsiveness should not suffer from technology applied. The data depends on what a user does, with a controller, or with a keyboard, a mouse… When I look at server performance now, it is already unpredictable and at times, slow… I don’t think simmers, especially simmers who fly jets and STOL aircraft will accept the lags and stutter resulting from 100% cloud simulation. Ok when we all have 5G or 6G it could work… but we don’t have that yet. Cruise control in cars suffers from the same limitation.

The last 2 days on Xbox Series X have been absolutely butter smooth! Haven’t had one crash, no stuttering, no FPS Drops. Nothing. I have noticed though there is way less people in a server so maybe this is why? But I am enjoying this so so much more! Hopefully it stays this way!

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