Its unbelievable

that everytime I wanna do a flight, it is not possible because of endless updating. Since the release I could not start the FS without waiting hours before I can just launch the app. This situation is not further acceptable.

What kind of developers are here involved? Are they not able to organize the updates in a way, that the costumers are not constantly blocked by updates?

How come that the updates do not run in the background but instead prevent the user to launch the simulator. Most of the updates should run in the background. FS is an absolute premium product so is the price of it. I request that the responsible managers develop a strategy, that the costumer is able to use the product he bought and paid a very high price for and is not longer blocked due to frequently extensive update processes.
If your actual employees are not able to implement such strategies it is the responsibility of the management to train or substitute your teams. It is in no way the problem of the costumer, instead you have to make it possible that the costumer is able to use the product he bought.

I understand and can accept that an application is not running smooth and without any problem after release, but I can of course expect that I can launch and use the app when I want it to. Persistant blocking because of whatever reason is in no way acceptable.

Fly safe


seems you dont understand how this works.
maybe play another game.


this is the price of progress else you may need to go back to FSX era


Just play battle of anything… this sim is maybe to much progress for you! :blue_heart:


Don’t forget it is not an early access game. We talk about a final retail version. Believe me, I know how it works after more than 40 years in management business, but I don’t know what you know - just think about.


what do you mean by endless updates, i start the sim and fly every day, no updating at all, you really have to do something about your computer. the only updates is WU, SU every 1-2 month.


Are we really talking about once a month updates here? That doesn’t seem a big overhead to me - even if you have slow bandwidth and the updates take a few hours…once a month. And each time there is additional FREE content and continual improvements to the sim.


If you only use MSFS once per month, then this indeed frustrating.


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I think you misunderstood here something very profound: FS2020 is a “platform” which will be continuously improved, developed and extended over the next 10 years. With both free and paid upgrades. Not to mention all the 3rd party addons that already exist and are yet to come.

Ah. There is the problem already.


It sure is … latest update no issues for me so far. For all the FPS chasers … I think our own SW may just be lying to us ?

BTW … 13 hours since WIn10 rebuild and MSFS re-install.

What I do (and I think is a fine solution) is that every time there is an update, I start the sim purely for the sake of updating it, not for playing. Then the next time I want to play, I can play, since I already updated it.

A side-note that these updates are mandatory. That is in itself an inconvenience, but with a project which relies so heavily on online content and being such a young product (not even one year) I think it’s unavoidable.


He we talk about „while not beimg played at the same time“! In the background means while doing other stuff like working, watch videos, play other games or whatever! It should be done automatically. I‘m pretty sure i know more about game developmemt than you do so why dont you use these threads to learn something yourself instead of giving stupid answers. MSFS is sold through MS Store and Steam and both can handle automatic background updates. There really is absolutely no need to first start that stupid launcher in order to update it. Better get rid of the launcher alltogether and let the stores handle softwareupdates!

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There is, since it has its own content management and marketplace system in place.

The core of MSFS will indeed be automatically updated by the store. However, with MSFS having its own repository and content management, you will need to run it in order for for the packages in the repository to be able to update. An alternative would be a separate program, but what’s the gain in that?

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Ever considered whether that might have been a concious design decision about the upgrade process, to have the GB of data be handled via dedicated Azure (?) servers instead of putting the load onto the stores (Steam and MS Store)? Especially given the fact that those massive upgrades are expected to happen very frequently?

Well you could distribute those major content packages (i mean honestly 20GB) via the stores so that the updates can run in the background. Everyone will still be on par then as its the same content we would get from your repository, right? And if that seems to hard dor you why not make a simple updater process that always runs in the background and updates the sim whenever an update is available. Why not? We are forced to update anyway! So why not make it automatic in the background. The benefit is that you can fly whenever you like and not habing to wait hours for a 20GB update when actually you would like to fly.

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You realize that means having the microsoft store in the background ALL THE TIME ?
You really want to have Steam, Microsoft sotre, Ubisoft marketplace, and whatever other parasite program running in the background ALL THE TIME ?
I don’t know about you, but my PC has other usages than gaming as well, so I’d rather not have those take Gb of RAM permanently.

However, the updates could be considerably smaller if instead of redownloading everything, they had binary patches. That exists and it works. Make binary delta patches, and compress them. However if most of the downloads are compressed data instead, one would have to decompress, patch and recompress after, which can be very long as well.