JF Piper arrow III, fuel pump control assignment issue

Hi! I just bought the Just flight arrow III, and thought I’d set up the controller profiles for it, in preparation for the next time I have time to do some actual flying. I have done this for several planes, and I thought I had the hang of the Fs2020 controller menus. Alas, I could not get the “set fuel pump” assignment to work. Nothing happens when using the set fuel pump.

“toggle fuel pump” will not suffice, as the buttons on the Honeycomb Bravo is Rocker - type switches.

Suggestions? :slight_smile: thanks

I’m assuming you dont use SPAD or FSUIPC? My suggestion, especially with the Honeycombe peripherals would be to use either SPAD or FSUIPC for your bindings and ditch most of the in sim ones.

My personal preference is SPAD, but that’s because it’s what I’m used to and need it for another peripheral anyway, but FSUIPC would be able to do the same thing.

With SPAD you would be able to assign the toggle command with an event qualifier to get it working as you want.

hope that helps a little.

I guess @hobanagerik can help you set up the controls :slight_smile: He once posted a SPAD profile for the Arrow.

Thanks for replying! :slight_smile: I have Spadnext, and I use it globally for the radio panel and toe brakes (as spad calibration is better than fs2020 at beating the hardware flaw I have in my rudder pedals). I used spad exclusively with p3d, but up until now the Fs2020 control profiles has worked perfectly and I have simply not had the need to use Spadnext to a greater extent.

But you’re right, spad is perfect for the job, and given the automatic profile switching, I see no reason NOT to use it for everything :slight_smile:

I’ll get to setting up spad when the life with two small kids allow it :stuck_out_tongue: cheers

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Sure, I have two profiles for it, one using LVAR’s, the other not. I’ll post them both here shortly.

@Sneldrik Here you go!
Just Flight Piper Arrow III LVAR.pln (103.2 KB)
Just Flight Piper Arrow III.pln (105.9 KB)

It’s not perfect by any means. I just noticed that when using COM2, with the plane not having a standby frequency, when I turn the outer dial it tunes the active frequency, and the inner dial tunes the standby that doesn’t exist.

The same config works on the P149D, which IIRC also doesn’t have a standby frequency so this may be the JF Arrow, but I need to look in to it.

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@hobanagerik, Thanks a lot! I’ll use your profile as a base, and make adjustments to make the buttons harmonize with my physical button labels on the bravo :slight_smile: I alternate between 3-4 GA aircraft and have labeled the buttons to use the most common and functions. I really appreciate the feedback!

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@hobanagerik well, here’s a rookie question: How do I open your profile once I’ve downloaded it? I finally have som “me-time” on my hands and thought I’d have a go at fixing that pesky fuel pump in the arrow

In SPAD, go to the page where you can view the profiles. On the right you should see a button that shows you the profile folder. A window will pop up, with .xml files in it. Drop my two files in there, and change the file extension from .pln to .xml. Now close, and re-open SPAD, and they should be selectable. Assign aircraft or activate manually.

Thanks. it’s been a long time since I fiddled with devices and profiles in spad, and I seem to have forgotten som essentials here… I downloaded the files, renamed them , assigned to aircraft , but when i select the bravo device, no buttons have any events assigned to them . What am I missing? it picks up on my radio pane, but not the bravo.

Because I don’t have a Bravo, so no buttons are configured. I have a radio panel, multi panel, and switch panel. Those are configured. Other device configurations would need to be added to that, for devices I don’t have, if you see what I mean.

Ahaa, then I misunderstood :slight_smile: the radio is the most fiddly one to configure, so your profile will help a lot anyway. I think I’ll manage to set up the rest for the bravo from scratch :slight_smile: thanks!

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@hobanagerik hi! Which command/event should be used for the fuel pump in the arrow? I couldn’t find the right one last night when I had a go at modifying the profile to include the bravo.

I’m also confused when it comes to the right actions/event setting for on/off buttons like on the bravo or Logitech switch panel. I managed to map the pitot as a test, but the button in the cockpit did not always match the physical one, it got reversed if I changed it in the cockpit with the mouse, and then clicked the physical one on the bravo.

Buttons mapped with the Fs2020 settings will match the state of the physical buttons, and this would of course be the preferable behavior of buttons set via Spad :slight_smile:

That’s what is mapped in the profile I uploaded.

It’s getting reversed because the way you have it configured is to simply toggle. It doesn’t care what its current state is. You can use a toggle like that, but you then need to add in “conditional” to only do something when its in the right state.

The non-LVAR version of the profile also has this configured for the Pitot heater. It looks like this:


To ensure that when I flip it to Off, when it is already off as I’ve flipped it in the virtual cockpit, the conditional ensures this won’t happen:


As long as its state is anything other than off, it will toggle. The reverse is set for on, so it will only toggle when the switch is flipped to the On position if its condition is anything other than On already:


The LVAR version doesn’t require those conditionals as it has discrete 0/1 conditions:


@hobanagerik, again, thanks a lot! :stuck_out_tongue: As I (no longer) own the switch panel, I chose to remove it from the profile on loading it, when prompted. As the radio panel was the only device I had in common with the profile , I had no buttons to use as reference :stuck_out_tongue: I will have another go, come my next “me-time” :stuck_out_tongue: thanks again!

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You can also open the profiles in a text editor, and views all the bindings that way. You can see the setup for devices you don’t even own that way.

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Hi! another silly question: When editing buttons in spad, I get 8 possible choices when clicking add Event for any given button

Which one is the correct one for the kind of switches we’re talking about here? Spad must have been updated to include more choices since I did some tweaking back in my P3d days :S I also cant find the action you are refering to: “CENTRE_LOWER_FUELPUMP”… Sorry :S

If you are just pressing the button, short is a press, long is a press, and hold.

The activated/deactivated options allow you change the behaviour of the lights.

So if you look at the autopilot config:

If you press the AP button “short”, or just tap it, it will set AUTOPILOT MASTER to 1. If you then look at the third option down, “IF” that variable is on, then switch the shortmode to ON.



This is an LVAR. To access these you need to turn on the Beta option:


Then enable LVAR support:

In the “Data Monitor” you should then see the option to view LVARs:


You can then search for it:

Data Monitor is useful as it allows you to monitor a variable as you flip switches, to confirm you are looking at the right thing.

Then assign it to the appropriate switch:


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@hobanagerik getting there! I finally had some time to think. In addition to enabling LVARs I had to install the MSFS LVAR bridge manually. I have now sucsessfully set the fuel pump as per your instruction :slight_smile: I changed the button config to on/off, but I guess I did not have to do that to make it work.

question 1:
Is it possible to force the switch in the virtual cockpit to mirror the physical switch when using SPAD/Lvars?? I have used the in-sim assignements for the on/off switches for the lights, and then it is impossible to turn the lights off using the mouse, if it is set to “on” on my yoke. it simply wont move. Is this behaviour possible in spad for the fuel pump?

question # 2: I have tried to identify the right LVAR for the alternate air switch, but I could not identify it in the data monitor. Suggestions for that one?

again, many many thanks :slight_smile:

The command I think you are looking for is “Toggle Electric Fuel Pumps” under Electrics…not “Toggle fuel Pump”

Thanks, but I got it working with the LVAR center lower fuel pump :slight_smile:

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