June 15, 2023 Development Update Blog Discussion

Check out the latest Development Update here:

Please use this thread for feedback and discussion. Thank you!


Completely failed to acknowledge the drama and the many questions we all have after the badly handled reveal of the new version. Just giving it the old looking forward to sharing with you over the coming months.


sigh still no PMDG liveries


Slight typo in the Feedback Snapshot FYI :slight_smile:


It’s been several weeks of these “updates” featuring a whole BUNCH of junk… There’s SEVEN “priority 1” aircraft in the backlog… How? Last week there were 4 and now there’s seven, not much progress being made there?

I’m itching to spend my money on some quality new aircraft, but Thursday’s continue to underwhelm as of late.

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Here is a quote from SeedyL (a CM) regarding this from a few weeks ago:

(May 18, 2023 Development Update Blog Discussion - #77)

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I feel really sorry for Dreamscenery, they must have found it a struggle to keep going while they had many hundreds of night enhanced packs sitting in the queue unreleased for months on end. Their socials must have been inundated with frustrated users that couldn’t buy the brighter lights that they so desperately needed.

Still, it should only be a few more weeks until the last hundred or so night enhanced products sees the light of day, loyal users will no doubt be relieved and the company should be in for a windfall selling thousands of these at 10 bucks a pop.

If nothing else, at least we now know why the backlog was so out of control.


I’m rather surprised by the lack of discussion and acknowledgement around the MSFS2024 release (and drama).

They look forward to sharing more with us in the few months. I was expecting that statement to be weeks, considering FSExpo. It does make wonder how much Microsoft has pushed the announcement to line up with Xbox Gaming Showcase and how much this might be out of Asobos hands.

I look forward to what they can tell us and show soon too. The next few months makes wonder how much will be announced this year or in 2024.

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I get the impression that the FAQ post was very much an afterthought already, and they don’t want to go any further than that at this time. IMO it pretty much eliminates all of the disaster scenarios that for some reason people still believe and keep posting about on the forum.

The release is probably a year away, they don’t want to reveal too much now because then we’ll all get bored. They want information to release as the date gets close to build hype and get free advertising on the socials, which is how it works these days.


The Bulldog Autogyro looks pretty cool and sounds really cool. The physics seem a bit arcadey at the moment based on a few videos I’ve watched, but it’s always hard to tell how something handles until you fly it yourself. Will be interesting to see how people like it.

Don’t agree it was badly handled at all. After all, it seems the community is talking about nothing else.


Flow is on the Marketplace!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I’m so heavily confused. The last 2 development updates not including this one I kept seeing that they uploaded a new roadmap snapshot but yet it’s still the same snapshot starting in April and ending in July? Now the scenery gateway tool is set for WU14 which isn’t even on the roadmap ad still says we expect to release this is May/June, both pretty much done with at this point. WU 14 is when exactly??? The roadmap for this tool has been Beta in Feb/March, set to be released May, stuck in compliance issues (it’s their own tool/website - what’s the issue???), and then pushed from May to June to July and now to WU14. If a singular airport editing tool tied to their existing SDK/website/interface takes a full year to come out…goodbye to everything else getting fixed.

Airports/scenery/aircraft seem to have no problem meeting schedules/deadlines but somehow core fixes/sim improvements are the only ones getting pushed back all the time. I don’t understand this.


Literally contains more words about the Dune DLC thing than the FS24 announce mess

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With Flow i can’t interact with any buttons etc unless i move camera directly over them. So pressing left L stick and moving cursor over any lever, button it won’t interact. I have to move camera over that button to be able to interact. Any workarounds please?

That’s because it’d be off topic. This isn’t about drama or to answer questions about another product as far as I can tell.


It’s easier to input new aircraft/scenery than it is to fix core aspects of the sim. There is much more testing required for it so not surprised it takes longer. The only issue I have with it is that they seem to be adding newer features faster than they are fixing things, so it ends up adding to what needs to be tested for the improvements/bug fixes (along with new ones popping up).


For anyone interested, I have made an updated graph of the backlog, going back to when they first announced the backlog numbers in March.


All the tables and the roadmap itself needs updating in light of the FS2024 announcement.

For example, when an item is “planned”, does that mean the fix will be in the current sim, or in FS2024?


Fs2020 roadmap is to be considered ended up.
Only fixes and features already completed will be released in next months to show us they are working on 2020.
We’ll have snow in summer everywhere for the next year :joy: