Just Flight announces 172sp Classic Enhancement mod for MSFS

How so?
With JF you need to log in to your account and you download the latest installer from Your Orders page.

The latest version is 1.0.6. and it’s downloadable in your JustFlight orders menu. If you download and install that, you will have the same version. :wink:


Style over function!

Having never blown (or owned) a turbo, was it all oil, or did the block or head crack so water was (also?) getting into the cylinders?

Not sure if it’s just me or not, but my green nav light doesn’t come on, anyone else?

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Nice! Thanks for posting – I think I’ll get that. That article only mentions SimMarket and their own Threshold store as outlets, but I have also found it here on Orbx:

EDIT: I could not resist. Man, it’s so good! A bit pricey, being the same cost as the whole WB-Sim model, but it definitely fixes the only weak point of that aircraft.

Yeah, I hated the old audio. Much improved.

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Boris told at discord that the price will drop to 10 euro somewhere in February

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