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Many thanks again to everyone who has purchased or has taken an interest in FS Traffic. We are monitoring the forums, but we’re having to split our time between here, Just Flight support and other areas where users are requesting assistance so apologies that we’re unable to respond to every individual post, however, we want to give you a quick summary covering various points that have been raised in this thread.

We are still investigating what other products may be causing compatibility issues with the FS Traffic In-Game Menu, and subsequent CTD for some users when pressing the “FLY” button. If there is anyone in the community who has suffered from these CTDs and has found a product that is causing these compatibility issues, can you please contact us via our support channels, and we can investigate as soon as possible.

Issues regarding invisible FS Traffic models is caused by the MSFS object count limit being reached. When this limit is reached, no further models will be generated in the simulator (this isn’t just an Ai traffic issue, this affects all types of objects within the simulator). We have included the Ground Services configurator in the Traffic Control Centre to help mitigate this risk, but at highly detailed third-party airports with GSX installed, you may have to also configure the settings in the other products too to help reduce the object count further.

If you’re not seeing traffic generated at your departure airport, and you are confident the traffic isn’t just invisible, then you will not see on route traffic, or traffic at your destination. We suspect this is a temperamental Simconnect issue that is preventing traffic from being generated on every occasion. At this point the best solution when not seeing traffic at your departure airport is going to be to restart the simulator.

The Ground Services configurator in the Traffic Control Centre also effects the turnaround times of the aircraft. If you want to see aircraft pushing back from the gates sooner, you can use the “Fast Turnaround” preset.

The “Time Between Cruise Traffic Spawn Attempts” setting in the Traffic Control Centre Options page adjusts how much traffic is generated en route between your departure and destination airports. The lower the number, the more en route traffic is generated.

We feel it is important to emphasise that FS Traffic is the first traffic program in MSFS that operates entirely within the simulator. The downside for now is that this has the potential to highlight the limitations of the MSFS Traffic system more than with other traffic products that inject the traffic from external applications. Although we’re confident we have found work arounds for the majority of traffic limitations within the simulator, we’re now also hopeful the release of a payware traffic product for MSFS might get the attention of the team at Asobo/Micorosft and subsequently we might finally see further improvements to the AI system that will then benefit all traffic products. We can only hope!

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FS Traffic Manual: https://dxhb0it26is40.cloudfront.net/manuals/FSTraffic_MSFS_manual.pdf

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