Just Flight's FS Traffic for MSFS

Hello everyone,

Just to introduce myself, my name’s John and I’m part of the development team at Just Flight, and I’m currently working on FS Traffic. As @SinewyDolphin74 says we have been busy but I couldn’t resist ending the week by showing you some of progress in terms of modelling and liveries as well as a little update.

Whilst all has been quiet, I can confirm that development of FS Traffic is progressing well. Over the past few months we have been working with a team of artists who have been creating over 700 liveries across 43 models, comprising of the various real world aircraft types/engine. Recently we made the decision to add the 747-400 to the fleet. Here she is awaiting the paint shop.

To address some of the questions and concerns posted this forum and elsewhere; like any other developer we are at the mercy of the simulator when it comes to limitations but we will work with Asobo to iron these out over time. FS Traffic won’t replace any live traffic but we will be including flight plans for both pre and post pandemic years, along with tools so that you can manage flight plans and aircraft to your hearts content. Let me allay any fears about experiences with much older traffic expansions; FS Traffic is a completely new product with brand new models and code. It’s being developed by our in-house team so you can expect the same high level of support as with any of our aircraft products.

I’ll bring you more info soon and in the meantime we will regularly be dipping into the forums to answer any questions and discuss any feedback you have.