KMAE — Madera Municipal Airport Buildings Completely Flat

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The buildings at KMAE are not being rendered and appear as flattened images on the surface. I do not believe this to be a beta issue, but since I first saw in this version of the sim, I’m posting it here.

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ICAO or coordinates (DevMode > Options > Display position)


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Load into the airport and observe.

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i had same but only once and only with dx12… some places just broken in dx12… obviously more than one

This is on Xbox, so I can’t even turn off DX12 to, potentially, solve it.

then something else:)

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I’ll go fly here and see if it’s flat for me. I’m on DX11 and the beta.

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Flat for me as well on PC, SU11 beta. Do you know whether it was flat in SU10? If it was, I’m assuming this is just an airport that didn’t get the AI treatment.

I found a couple of airports during SU10 beta that are also flat and, as I stated in my initial report above, I do not feel this is an SU11 issue.

When I filled out the reports for the two airports during SU10 beta, one of them was moved by the moderators to the SU10 beta bug report section, because it was the beta’s version number that I used under the standard non-beta bug report form’s “Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:”. For some reason the other airport escaped being moved.

I just stuck this bug here, because I figured they’d do that again. Again, I think all three of these flat airports were probably flat before both SU11 and SU10 beta.

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