Kodiak low oil pressure

I’ve been flying the Kodiak on pc with no problems and just starting today the plane keeps having low oil pressure and lose power and it’s happened 20 mins into a flight and while taxiing and really can’t think what’s causing it as not doing anything different. If anyone has any ideas as to what might be the cause I would be very grateful?

Is it only me having this problem on pc? Each time I keep getting low oil pressure and lose all power even when just sat on the runway waiting to take off(

Did you top up the oil? (joking!)

Yes with vegetable oil :wink:


Taxiing/holding you need to give it a little throttle. Or increase to high idle if you are about to start your actual flight.

In the air, I don’t know how that’d be possible if the turbine is running and you are flying.

Do you have failures enabled ?

No they are all disabled.

I have a Hotas Warthog Yoke and Throttle but the throttle I have not even used when flying the Kodiak and just use Xbox controller and the Yoke so don’t think it can be connected to the Hotas throttle.
Really got me this one and can’t fathom what can be causing it.

Strange because on xbox at least, condition lever in low idle and throttle pegged at the bottom, it creeps along pretty good for me, up to about 25mph on any flat surface. However that condition lever is set up by the devs, it sure is a hard and fast cliff to complete shut-off from normal idle, like 1% of travel. I know I had to throw the center and dead zones way over just to buy me a tiny bit of margin finding the illustrated notch on the quadrant.

Have you looked to see if your setup is SO close to shutoff that it’s possibly dancing in and and out of it?? Although in flight I’m sure you wouldn’t be in taxi idle condition.

Yes that’s the strange thing as it’s happened even in mid flight when at cruise speed. I’m not having any problems on series x and it’s only on pc.
I’ll have to delve deeper at the weekend when I have more time as it’s a lovely plane to fly but this has really spoilt it. Maybe need to try with empty community folder also and different liveries etc.

Hello John, have you found a solution? because I have exactly the same problem as you.

Just an idea on what could cause it; check to make sure you do not somehow set the firewall fuel shutoff valve to “fuel off” by mistake. That is pulled out. It is on the pedestal and easy to misclick on MSFS.

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Careful key binds check as first important.

Don’t say no, check that.

I am having the same issue. Has anyone got an answer?

Have you figured it out? I’m having the same issue and it’s driving me nuts.

I’ve not resolved the issue either and had to just give up flying the Kodiak which is a great shame

same issue here, sometimes its when a pull back on the throttle, others when I apply max power.

Just happaned too me. Was about to land, when there was some sort of bang heard and the engine lost power and I hade to make an emerg landing. “Low oil pressure” was the info I got. But with a sound of a bang? Weird. I got it recorded though. Turned On Fuel Aux pump before landing. Thats the only thing that could have caused this? First I thought: Birds! (but i have not such addon). From what I know all failures are OFF. This is the second time this happens to me. I have also found that closing or opening doors in som order turns off the engine (on ground). The kodiak is too good to be abandoned by its programmers, but mu guess is theres an update on its way to SU10. Lets hope.

I posted the Pilot Manual on the main thread, not the shortest out there but hey :slight_smile:

I had two events of this kind yesterday, both in very similar conditions (cruise, after about 10 minutes of time compression). I asked the devs in their Discord and here’s what they said: ‘‘Time compression can cause surges in the engine parameters, so it is probable that caused the failure.’’

I just had the same issue - actually quite good fun but I wasn’t expecting it! When you say time compression, do you mean after a long pause?