Kodiak vs Caravan

I saw a discussion on the Kodiak vs Piper Arrow but I’m interested in how the Kodiak compares to the Grand Caravan EX in the sim for sight seeing and bush flights. I want a realistic experience, but I’ve seen some comments that the Kodiak is a bear to control/fly. I want realism, but not if it’s going to constantly frustrate me. I have a Honeycomb Alpha/Bravo if that matters.


Learn the finesse of the Kodiak…it certainly is worth the effort….plus it is a systems model.
There is plenty of material on YouTube and the web to help you master it.
It is my go to aircraft for GA flying….and a lot of fun in the bush.
I’m a PPL holder and if I had the money to buy one IRL, I would.

Get the Kodiak it’s well worth it. One of the best.

Of course one difference is the C208 is free. Both good, though Kodiak is generally preferred.

The Kodiak just demands proper techniques to fly safely. Follow the POH and you should be fine but it will take some practice. It is more demanding than a 172 but way more fun.

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Thanks all. I’ll check out YouTube. Any channel in particular you recommend?

Missionary Bush Pilot for sure!


I do think the 208 is more pleasant to hand-fly. The Kodiak is very twitchy in pitch and you want to switch on autopilot as soon as you can. The 208 is way more docile and I prefer that one if I’m not doing IFR flights.


See… this is interesting and important. If I’m doing VFR sight seeing I’m hand flying and I don’t want to have to be so focused on trim and keeping the plane flying that I can’t enjoy the scenery. I’m all for realism but not at the expense of frustration just trying to take in some scenery.

Not everyone has pitch issues it is fine for me though I do use a Fulcrum Yoke.

Regardless of that, there is a patch due out this week which is meant to soften the pitch response to help out people with joysticks and short throw yokes.

One thing to bear in mind is that with 750 HP, a big prop and lots of elevator authority you cannot just firewall the throttle and yank back on the yoke to rotate like a 172 or it will nose up drop a wing and fall out of the sky.


FWIW I have zero problems hand flying the Kodiak. I hold a PPL and as another poster in this thread mentioned, if I hit the Lottery the Kodiak would be first on my list. It is an amazing aircraft.


i love the kodiak and hate G1000 , might pick up the black square add-on to finally enjoy the caravan with TDS 750 which is miles better.


If by pleasant you mean easy then perhaps yes. The kodiak is by no means twitchy in my experiences with it over many flights. Again I’ve also got a proper long through yoke.

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The other thing to consider is the Kodiak systems and engine management are far more detailed than the current default Caravan.

For example the PT6A in the caravan does not behave like a turbo prop. Last time I looked the mouse over for the current C208 Caravan condition lever even says “mixture” not “condition”. If you accidently introduce fuel early or forget to turn on igniters before introducing fuel the Caravan is fine, in real life that is a hot start and potentially up to million dollars for a rebuild of the hot section. In the Kodiak if you get the start sequence wrong ITT rockets up and you get a hot start and broken engine.

DISCLAIMER: The reworked Steam Gauge Caravan from Just Flight may well be a different bird altogether - I am referring to the Asobo default caravan here.

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Yeah, I’m not worried about the startup procedure. Thats just a matter of following instructions. The fact that the Kodiak is more realistic is a bonus. What I’m more interested in is the flight model. Does the Kodiak offer a more realistic flying experience? Or is it limited by the shoddy Turboprop and prop modelling in the sim? (In which case the added complexity is just annoying).

The engine modelling is good.

The only FM related issue some (not all) users seem to have is with pitch control:

  • in some cases it is just user error, for example on take off you need to set the appropriate torque for altitude and weight (not just firewall the throttle) and ease off the ground and keep pitch under about 10 degrees till speed hits maybe 80-90 kts. That is realistic though admittedly if your pitch sensitivity is too high you may have trouble “easing back on the yoke”
  • the devs said early on that pitch control was adjusted for long throw yokes like the Yoko or Fulcrum, not combat joysticks and they originally said just soften the profile for the Kodiak. They have since announced they will change the default profile in a patch due out shortly to be more of a compromise.

Note that the pitch issues are related to the default control sensitivity and do not seem to anything to do with the FM itself. People tend to get very vocal about it though.

A few people also have issues with the G1000/G1000NXI missing a few real-life features but these are default Asobo instruments so not really a fault in the aircraft. I believe the new patch may be adding some of the missing trim indicators. I also recall some complaints about AP but again pretty sure these are Asobo AP issues you get in quite a few aircraft.

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Unlike the Black Square Analogue Caravan addon, which seems to have retrofitted a rocket engine. :slight_smile:
I’m not sure how realistic this might be, but its fun if nothing else.

You’re correct though. A turboprop basically is a jet engine with a propeller mounted to it instead of a fan. Rocket engine it isssss. Hahaha.

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In principle sort of … but the PT6A is reverse flow and a free turbine with a gearbox stuck on the front - so it sucks from the back, exhausts at the front and the compressor section and the turbine are not physically connected at all. The turbine connects to the prop via a gearbox.

So not really a jet engine.

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Noh obviously, a verrrry oversimplified statement. But pointing to some the amount of pressure and power difference between turboprops and regulars. I enjoyed reading about it myself the first time. Had no idea a turboprop is so much different under the hood but then understood why it throttles so much different too. :slight_smile: