Last 200 MB of installation keeps looping

After some problems i decided to remove FS2020 and reinstall it. However, 3 days later i’m stuck in a loop.
I’ve already enabled Netlimiter to 2 mbps on Flight Sim. That worked for 90% the last 236 MB keeps stuck in a looping.

I’ve also tried the netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled, but that won’t do the trick to.

This is the loop:

What can i still do?

read here : Installation Manager Stuck Decompressing *SOLVED*

It can’t be an hardware problem as it’s an virtual computer (Shadow) So i can’t replace any parts.
It worked fine untill the update. (long loading times and somethings lagging, thats why i wanted to reinstall)

ohh on a virtual machine . cool
maybe assign more memory ??

How? It’s barely using any.

Oh my gawd. Saw something on a Microsoft forum about installing it into a map you have fully rights to.
So wanted to try again, now it won’t download from the MIcrosoft Store or Xbox store… :cry: (xbox download error 0x80073d05)

I have the same problem. three days ago I eliminated the simulator to do a clean installation of windows, but at the moment of downloading the simulator again, the download does not advance, it is blocked in an infinite loop. I am sure that I have tried all the suggestions that I found in some forums but nothing worked for me. now I just hope that tomorrow’s update will solve this problem. Since msfs came out, it is the fourth time I have downloaded this game and this has never happened to me

I had it twice and both times I was able to solve it. Just go to the installation folder and delete the file that is looping. Just the file, DO NOT delete any folders, just files. When you resume the installation process it will quickly progress through the files that you have installed successfully and will download also the file that has been causing the loop. Once I had like 4 or 5 looping files in one installation, each time I deleted them, next time I resumed installation, they would get installed without issue.

I think this will do the magic. Can i just remove it when installation is running? or do i need to stop that first?

Stop it, but the good news is that when you resume it (the whole process from scratch), it will go quickly through all the files that are already installed. So it will be fast.

Nice! Lets see where the ship sails this time. Is the 4th of 5th day that im trying… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope you can make it. Nobody knows why it is happening. It had never happened to me until recently. In my case, I never reinstalled the sim, but it can happen during each update… and we get many updates.

Do you also had the problem after the update that starting MSFS up is taking ages? Just a lot longer than before? And lagging sometimes.

No, no issues with the sim except looping problem (twice).

Netlimiter4 is the only way I can install updates on MSFS. I use 3.5 Mbs.

Looks like it was the solution. Looped 1 time, deleted it and started it back. Now its decompressing at 17 of the 30. Looks like its not looping… To be continued

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Hope you can make it. It might take a few times, but at least each time it is faster and you do not have to redownload anything.

I owe you a beer! Thanks a lot!!! It was indeed the solution.
Can i disable Netlimiter now?

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Congrats!! Glad I could help. So how many files did it loop on? Just that one or more later?

Btw. I have never used any netlimiter.

Well i had to. Every worst case scenario that was possible happened. :stuck_out_tongue: I hope it will load a bit faster now and no laggs anymore. But we’ll see.

It looped just at one file!

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