LDS Temples

So I fly my local areas of Utah and Idaho, and I’ve noticed none of the LDS Temples are in the simulator. They are some of the most beautiful buildings, and have been used as landmarks for pilots for years. I would love to see someone develop an lds Temples pack, or just have them added into the simulator.


Actually the Salt Lake Temple is well-rendered but I take your point. I’ve noticed the relative neglect of religious buildings in general (and temples/shrines in Japan.) They’ve got lots of football stadiums and castles but for some reason only a very few churches, temples and cathedrals. They are important landmarks and at the very least are very helpful in VFR flight. I agree that some talented people should get to work on this.

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You’re right. The SLC temple looks good. The idaho falls temple looks like a warehouse. Lol!

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