Lightning in mostly sunny skies

Did 4 flights ranging from russia, down to italy and back up to germany, thunder and lightning the WHOLE way

Not to belabor the issue but I’ll also add my name to the frustrated pilots. Lightning and thunder everywhere. This is a great sim in many ways but the constant fix one thing and break another is getting old.


Hi ,
All over Europe are at the Moment Thunderstorms with Live Weather .
But in Real there are no Thunderstorms .

What happens there ?


I have the same problem too, thiunders and lightnings everywhere, everytime. Sent a message to Zendesk.


I have also reported the same

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Yep it’s crazy.

widespread and well commented upon (see thread below amongst others). Also sent Zendesk request to ‘turn it down’. The effects are amazing, but too much!

I wondering if this is some metadata change with the weather systems or something changing on the server side. Until yesterday I had yet to ever encounter this problem. Saw the same yesterday on an IFR from Bangkok to Hochimin. At take off there were some light clouds with bright blue skies and constant lightning strikes. This persisted until I reached cruise alt above the highest cloud layer.

its crazy, im experiencing thunderstorm season in Brazil. But the lightnings are showing on the blue sky!!!

So much for the immersion…



No thunderstorms earlier while I was flying between Princess Julliana, and St. Barts. Nor between KSVC, and KTCS.

However, I id see a storm as I flew between TTPP, and SVMT, near the North coast of South America.

So not everywhere…

Totally agree… What have you done to this simulator? Thunderstorms EVERYWHERE right now.

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I have the same issue. However, not sure if it was coincidental that I installed the new version of Nvidia drivers when it started to happen. Did anybody do the same?

The whole world is a BIG THUNDERSTORM that never ends!!!
Even with sun or clear skyes.

I have had this issue too, using Live Weather.

Yes, indeed i noticed that as well since 3/4 days (fliying now in England with the Mooney MR20 from France to Alaska) I have TS everywhere no matter what!

And still MFS2020 allows you to fly a GA in TS??? Nobody complain about it even if it’s totally unrealistic as we all know pilots/simmers but it looks like gamers doesn’t give an attention to that unfortunatelly to raise the votes…
Hopefully all those bugs live-weather will be fixed soon, it’s getting better after the last patch/update but still a big lack of realism in our MFS2020 skies as a matter of fact!

Oh good point! I said in my previous post that it occured on my side 3/4 days ago and 3/4 days ago I did updated my Nvidia drivers so ???

i didnt update the drivers and i have the same issue

Same here seeing a lot of thunderstorms since last patch but nothing on the metar

I was flying europe days ago and every flight was stormy. I moved to japan… and every flight is stormy.
But trailers are great

My personal theory:

Asobo have lost control of the FS2020 earth, and it’s evolving its own weather system. At some point in the next month or so, it’s going to phase out of our universe altogether, leaving nothing but empty servers… and anyone playing the game at the moment this happens will also disappear from our world.

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I decided to fly from Toronto (Ontario) to Norfolk Virginia this morning in the TBM using live weather / traffic - seeing as it was such a nice day - mostly sunny forecast.

Hopped in the SIM @ CYTZ & was immediately hit with heavy clouds & lots of lightning / thunder… huh??? That’s strange… I thought.

Okay… well I decided to push on hoping the weather would clear out during my journey.

It DIDN’T! … As I proceeded further south of Buffalo the weather slowly closed in around me until I was in complete IMC conditions at FL250 - thankfully I was flying IFR because I couldn’t see a thing the rest of the flight :frowning:

Then a truly scary thing happened… At about 8 minutes out from Norfolk airport and descending though FL140 with zero visibility, both main MFD’s gave out. Nothing I did got them back up & the AP was locked out as well so I was stuck hand flying the TBM at that point.

Somehow, and by the grace of God the center MFD continued functioning so I was able to follow the flight track for the ILS RWY23 approach, tho this was only somewhat comforting as I had no visuals all the way down to below 900ft AGL. I soon realized the backup ADI system seemed to be functioning so I was able to reference it as well - constantly moving my eyes back and forth between the displays, confirming air speed, altitude, flight track, and any signs of outside life - all the while being buffeted by winds, moderate to heavy turbulence, rain, and thunderstorms all around.

It’s was a complete white knuckle landing - one like I have never experienced!

I got the plane down in one piece, and for that I am proud. But I’ll be honest in saying I don’t ever want to go through that again!!!

This may be just a SIM, but for those 7-8 minutes it felt as real as anything…