Lights in VR are very fuzzy after only 100-200 feet away

When in VR it seems the light objects really go out of focus a lot closer than in non-VR mode. During the daytime it’s not as easy to see but at night it seems the lights get bigger and fuzzy about 100-200 feet away. They don’t even look like lights at that point but glowing fuzzy balls. Went into the VR settings and changed the settings to be optimized for VR mode but still doesn’t fix the lights. Looks like this might be something they added in to the LOD for lights in VR. Have to say the lights that are closer look great, it’s just once they get past that certain distance the issue rears its ugly head.

Has anyone else experienced this? Everything else I can get to look just fine except the lights. This includes runway lights and taxiway lights. Turned bloom off and same thing although very slightly better.

Completely agree, but this is an issue that’s continued (for me at least) since P3D implemented VR. I think it has something to do with the resolution in certain headsets and what the lights have been optimized/modeled for (a higher resolution). My Oculus Rift S seems to have this issue (lower res compared to the G2 and the Index). I don’t know if the light size can be controlled or if it’s based on bmp images, but would like to see if the devs could support some method of control.

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I thought it was the Rift S limitations too but other VR titles I’ve played don’t have this issue or at least no where near as pronounced as it is in MSFS. I took a short flight in VR tonight to see how it was, and it seems everything past a certain radius is a fuzzy mess. I’m wondering if this might be caused by the game using a stereoscopic view to project the game into “3D” instead of outputting directly to the VR headset. It’s not as bad during the day I assume because of the daytime lighting but at night it really stands out.

It almost feels like the stereoscopic images aren’t quite synced up properly. I know you can adjust this for Oculus using several different tools so might give it a try.

Edit: Actual looks like there is no way to adjust that. So we’re at the mercy of hoping Asobo fixes it.

There is a solution to this, vote to this long standing discussion detailing what’s wrong and showing up some of the latest community driven efforts with better approaches to night lighting:

Night lighting issues still present - The community solutions

NB: Because of the general lower resolution, VR is exacerbating the inherent night lighting problems, but these are intrinsic to the simulator night lighting implementation in general.

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Voted, I thought I voted on that thread already as I’ve been following that thread for awhile now and hoping it got the attention of the devs.

I also agree that due to the lower resolution in VR in general that it is amplifying the already existing issue and well now it’s quite literally “in your face” and noticeable. So here is hoping they address the overall issue.

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I wonder if/how this issue of blury lights on high resolution screens (e.g. ultrawides) is related:


Very well could be. I can be sitting on the runaway at night in VR mode and the lights are blurry after a set distance (no matter the airport or airplane, same distance every time) in the headset but if I take it off and look on the monitor they look fine (1080p monitor). Really made me wonder if it was my headset but switched it to day time and everything was fine for the most part as far as scenery in the distance etc. and just seems limited to the lights.

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