Little NavMap

can anyone help me by do a walkthrough with setting up little NavMap please :slight_smile:


Not sure how much help it will be to you, but mine just worked with no setup at all. After getting MSFS going I simply started up LNM and everything worked as it should. Not sure if LNM version is significant, but mine is V2.4.5.

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For me too, I just ran it when MSFS was running and it worked. I did howver have SimConnect from P5D and many other add ons already loaded. Not sure if that helped.
However it has a significant impact on frame rates till a bug is fixed.

The devs have answered with an update

I did not have any P3D ever installed on my PC. It did not work out of the box for me. I could not connect to MSFS and there were no airports etc. in the maps.

Here is what I did to remedy, but I do not know whether this is best practice or not:

  1. I had to install SimConnect FSX SP2. It is approx 2 MB .zip with an installable .msi file inside. I guess you can google for it, I do not seem to find the source I downloaded from.

Afterwards you can go to >Tools >Flight Simulator Connection and pick "Connect directly to a local FSX or Prepar3D flight simulator within LittleNavMap. This option was simply not there before I installed the above software.

  1. On the same configuration item in LNM, pick "Update time interval “1000ms” and untick both Fetch AI options. This is a workaround for the current SimConnect issues.

  2. In LNM go to >Scenery Library > Navigraph AIRAC cycle and pick “Use Navigraph for all features”. This enables you to see all airports etc. I guess the MSFS database can not be loaded yet. Unless there is another solution?

I think that was all I did to get it to work. Have fun, it is a great tool and makes planning the flights so much more intuitive.


I found the link to SimConnect for FSX SP2 I mentioned above:

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my lnm would not connect at all without installing fsx2 simconnect. with that i get the stutter. I just read another developer post saying they are working on the issue and will push a patch ASAP. apparently all 3rd party simconnections have the stutter problem.

Yes, but with the above settings there are no stutters or low FPS. It is a workaround for LNM which works nicely

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@SpiteFFM Thx a lot ! I will test it as i was searching for solution for that.

Try to disable AI and multiplayer aircraft tracking in the connections menu. Works for me.

I use LNM with X-Plane 11 all the time. I have not tried it with MFS 2020 yet. Has anyone been able to setup a flight plan in LNM and save it plus load into MFS 2020? That would be awesome. The flight planner in MFS 2020 is horrible. I will try the sim connect feature today.

I ran a flight plan I made up in LNM the other day, worked fine. Went into LNM, made the plan and saved it as a .PLN. In msfs I selected Load, and it was looking for a file. I selected the one I had just made from where I had saved it and it loaded. Worked fine in the a/c with usual fp functions, of course I don’t remember which a/c it was. Keeping in mind some default a/c have some autopilot/nav issues that at this point ya gotta watch out for. It worked well in NAV mode following the magenta line, altitude read within LNM, etc. Make sure you have Fetch AI or Multiplayer aircraft unchecked in LNM, unless of course you have a computer that can handle it. :slightly_smiling_face: Lots and lots of AI show up if checked.


Wow Thanks! I will give it a try. Was hoping it would work because I absolutely love LNM.
Thanks Again!

Hello again,

Regarding Little NavMap, do i need to load some scenary ? Or just “Connect directly to a local fsx or paper3d flight simulator” ? (for MSFS2020)

Just connect. Your position will be marked within LNM as soon as you are in the plane (within MSFS)

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Working on the scenery stuff here. Can already see airports, runways and aprons. :slight_smile:
Still a lot to do.


worked a treat thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Alex, I can see all the Airport detail but I suspect that is because I have XP11 installed and it’s database stored in LNM. A friend who has only just loaded LNM says that there is no airport detail.

Down the track it would be awesome if LNM were to show MP aircraft, even if it were to show only those aircraft bellowing to a closed Group.
Cheers Anton.

Guys, you have to open Little NavMap outside the simulator, with some browser or something?

After you download Little Navmap > click on the folder then > click on the round earth icon named Littlenavmap

After you open it > on the top menu click on > tools then click on > Flight Simulator Connection > then click on > Connect directly to a local FSX or Prepar3D flight simulator > on the bottom > click > Connect

The problem i am having is when i open Littlenavmap my fps goes to zero Does anybody knows what is going on?

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