Live/AI Traffic Missing Lights

I take the opportunity of this post to say that when the AI lights was visible, the green navigation light was too bright. Basically, distant AI plane only looks like a green spot, and this is not what I see when a see a plane by night.
do you think the same?

Does the FSLTL make a package for everything, i.e. Vatsim and Livetraffic? Then the problem with Vatsim MTL would also be solved.

Macht den FSLTL einen Paket für alles, sprich Vatsim sowie Livetraffic? Dann wäre ja das Problem mit Vatsim MTL auch gelöst.

Yes, absolutely - it works for all traffic, including offline AI. It’s going to be really great.

Ja, absolut - es funktioniert für den gesamten Datenverkehr, einschließlich Offline AI. Es wird wirklich toll.

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Very good! Is still in development, hope does not go too long. In any case, I’m very excited! ^^


Sehr gut! Ist ja noch in entwicklung, hoffe geht nicht mehr allzulange. Bin auf jedenfall sehr gespannt! ^^

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Why is this STILL not fixed when the release notes clearly say it is??? Community folder is empty. Update is done and no lights!!

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Same I noticed lights on about 2 aircraft while the rest were completely dark.


same for me. all dark. unbelivable!

@Jummivana Can we get some clarification on why this is not working in the release client? Several folks have said it was working in the beta.


I had them working in the SU6 beta. Will check shorty in release version.


They work on my end

So I was able to capture this. Multiplayer aircraft lights were working, but VATSIM traffic is still showing up as nothing. You’ll see at the top of my pic the aircraft has lights, VATSIM traffic at the bottom doesn’t. Community folder is empty so this is completely stock. No model matching profiles.

Is that VatSim traffic or AI/Live?

Offline traffic. Gonna Test VATSIM right now.

Bottom aircraft is VATSIM. Top aircraft is multiplayer from the sim. Matt from WT made a good point on their discord that it could be an issue with traffic injected from simconnect.


Cheers! @HXArdito

VATSIM traffic only shows landing lights and strobe lights tho… :frowning:

I can also confirm that Vatsim lights are STILL not fixed after Sim Update 6. To make things even worse, the workaround on flightsimto now no longer works…

…waiting and waiting and waiting since the July 27th disaster.


same for me. let’s hope they finde the bug…whoever has to finde it…

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I’d recommend folks submit a zendesk ticket. Still hoping Jayne can chime in. Matt is probably right - it’s a simconnect issue with injected traffic. I’ve tried this with model matching installed and stock. No dice either way. Very unfortunate that this was overlooked.