Live traffic with ATC only using one runway == insane delays

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This morning I was number 20 at Dulles (KIAD) and I sat in line for an hour. This evening I’m encountering another long line trying to depart KSFO. In both cases, only one runway was in operation which exacerbated the problem as arrivals don’t clear the runway fast enough. Meanwhile, departures take too long to get moving. Whatever got changed to limit airports to one runway needs to be reverted. I had to add fuel twice at Dulles, just to stay above my minimum take off requirements.

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Hi @geoffda,
This issue has been brought up many times. Both for AI Traffic & Live Traffic.

There is a wish list here to contribute to and up vote.

Make sure you also submit this to zendesk.

Closing this topic so that votes are not take away from wish list.

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AFIK, the issue of massive line ups to depart airports (and using only one runway) is new. The AI behavior has always been bad (which is what the wishlist post is about), but I’ve never had to wait for more than a few departures before yesterday and multiple runways have always been in use before yesterday. This is a bug (as in nobody should have to wait an hour to go flying), not a wish. Please move it back to the bugs thread.

It’s more than that, many airports (even handcrafted) have missing/broken pathing (including ruways) so Ai get stuck or can’t take off.

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