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So, what is the difference between “live Players” and “all Players”? The descriptions seem very similar. The difference i see is you can change the weather with all players but not live.

one forces real time conditions. the other does not. both display players nearby.

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THANKS…i couldnt see the difference other than the weather can be changed.

that is honestly about it. i run all players because i enjoy having the ability to change the time of day if i do some flying in my area at night.

“multiplayer” shows only players that also have multiplayer selected. “all players” shows additionally those who have “all players” selected.

The thought was, that “multiplayer” is used by players that want to have the same conditions (live) for less chaos on the approach etc.

I believe the intention originally was that ‘live players’ would force real time and weather, and was intended more for the ‘serious simmer’ crowd.
There are some topic floating around in the Wishlist topic to make this more accurate, by for instance forcing having to start cold and dark (to prevent planes spawning in on the runway) and to prevent using slew mode.

Nothing has been changed yet though, and it looks like that original intention hasn’t come to fruition. So for now, it’s just forcing real time / weather so that all players in this mode have the same time and weather settings.

This might be what you’re referring to:
Help solving arcade and simmers players sharing the airspace with the help of a simple nudge

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