Live Weather improved but still not correct on second flight

At least the barometer is now correct instead of 29.92…but cloud cover went from partly cloudy to no clouds, just like it used to. Easy to reproduce…load a flight, back out to main menu, load the same exact flight.


Seriously, how is this STILL an issue? I’m loading an initial flight at CYJT just to test something in takeoff, I’m using live weather and everything’s according to METAR, alt 29.06, temp 2C, ovecast 1500’, lots of crosswind etc (should also probably be snowing but that’s another story, I’ve never seen rain or snow in live weather, need to use custom weather to get precipitation which is also quite annoying).

So I then quit my test flight 5 minutes later and load up my main 4 hours flight at the exact same location and time. I had completely forgotten about the bug. Now everything’s at 29.92, temp is 20C, wind calm, no clouds, perfect visibility.

This completely destroys immersion and there’s really no way I’m reloading the game as it takes more than 5 minutes to do so.


There are many people who voted this up…sigh…

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Worst Meteoblue updates do not seem to be coming in once the bug is raised, no matter how long you wait. I’ve been flying for almost 2 hours now at cruising altitudfe with constant wind direction and speed. Doesn’t seem right. I even tried to load some custom weather in flight and then switch back to live weather. No change.

Meaning once the bug appears, you absolutely need to reload the entire game. This is absolutely great.

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I’m having same problem as OP. Once I do one flight and go back in to fly again Live weather is gone and its clear, 29.92 , and wind is always the same

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this issue is persisting almost since launch. absurd.
anyway, there is a workaround.

you must start the flight using Custom weather with clear skies.
once in the aircraft you can use the overlay menu and select Live Weather. You will see the altimeter slowly drifting.
By doing this you can have live weather also on the second flight but, again, always start with Custom + Clear skies from the flight preparation screen.

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Here the same. I flown from EDDF to EDFH under cloudy and rainly weather conditions. After going back to the main menue and starting a new flight, the weather conditions in EDFH were a clear blue sky without any clouds, also on my weather radar instrument.

unfortunately it doesn’t work for everyone.

I don’t even get live weather on my first flight! Always the same clear skies, light wind from 200ish, 29.92.
This is surely something that should be fixed ahead of this other stuff you are trying to implement(VR etc),
It’s a flight simulator, I think the weather should be working before this other stuff.
Real immersion killer I am afraid, I’ll try the sim when this is fixed and go back to my other sim in the meantime.

Are you selecting a plane before selecting your departure? When I do so I don’t get live weather, if I select departure first then a plane, I get live weather for all my flights now, even if go back to main menu and change location (and I don’t have to do the custom weather routine workaround), who knows why…

Yes I was selecting aircraft first, I will try that and see what happens.

Many thanks.

Didn’t work for me.

It appears to have worked for me.
Thanks for the advice.

How do you not select a plane first? Mine always has some plane selected. I tried to set a destination, then a different plane with no luck on the weather.

I mean, I do not change plane, if I do, it has to be done after selecting the departure.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you’re doing then to help fix this? A default plane always shows up on the map planning. I always load my flight plan from simbrief first, which selects a route. Then I go balance out the weight in the plane. Please tell me what you’re doing different that helped that is different from what I’m doing. Thanks.

The only difference between your workflow and mine is that your departure comes from a flight plan while mine is set by clicking on the map. To me, it seems that the first thing to be done before anything else is selecting a departure on the map, when I do so I get live weather.

I will try that, thanks.

Unfortunately didn’t work…so disappointed Asobo didn’t fix this one yet.

Sorry to read that, I wish this issue will be solved soon.
Crossing my fingers, so far the live weather is working great with the Holiday update.