Live weather stops injecting after a certain duration flown / certain time flown

I don’t understand how you save and that you don’t lose data (fuel, flight level, altitude, etc.) when you save and reopen the flight, the weather panel and the time don’t disappear? what program do you use to save?

I hope 12 fixed this. 3.5 hours into my 5.5 hour flight and all snow cover is gone as are clouds. just stops injecting.

Happened to me yesterday, too. Second flight no problems at all. I think another case of overloaded servers on MS side.


Pretty sure it’s the servers indeed… Issue doesn’t seem time related. Few weeks ago I did flights from and to BIKF (~3 hour fights); live weather all the way. Last weekend on another flight live weather stopped after about 1 hour of flying…

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10 hours into a 14 hour flight:


While flying, enter the main menu (esc) and on the bottom there’s option to load/save the flight (spacebar). And on the same menu where you select airport and aircraft, there’s option to load the saved flight. PMDG supports saving panel state so the fuel, payload, flight plan etc are saved but all addons might not. After loading the saved flight, you can’t edit weather or time as they are locked to the saved values

Once again coming from FNC the clouds disappeared when entering Spain. This is over LEST

And after main menu they are back

30 minutes into the flight

Can confirm Live Weather doesnt work…again…

If I meant it was if you manage to modify the weather and the time after reloading the simulator… definitely MSFS is super broken and incomplete unfortunately. we will have to wait for a final version and for that it will take many more years

Are you on the beta?

Are you in Beta?

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Are you on the Beta?

I had this problem again with the sudden stop of the weather a week or two ago, and right now I have it again, a flight with the 737-800 from ESSA to LGTS, right by the coast in Poland I no longer have live weather, a clouds line. Really annoying especially since the problem has been known for a year and we still haven’t been told a solution.

Unbelievable. This again? It seems that happened to me as well, everything was fine until today. Weather stopped being injected after 1h flight from EDDF to EGCC.

Same here ……

Same here. Landing LDZA
METAR: LDZA 201330Z 24007KT 200V260 9999 -RA FEW027 13/09 Q1018 NOSIG

I left Helsinki with perfect Live weather

I’ve had the same problem with clouds disappearing after a few hours in every flight. Clear skies where there should be full of clouds. I’ve been running hours and hours of tests in my community folder by inputting-extracting mods and test flying for hours.
I should also mention that i am in no way expert of any kind.
The last few days and after several long flights (over 10 hours flights) without any live weather problem (at least as far as clouds concerned), i realized that when i don’t use the amazing ship traffic mod, weather works for me. At least for now.
I feel and hope its just a coincidence or a random thing cause i really love this mod and really want to keep using it.
I wanted to write about my experience on this topic but i hesitated cause as i said i am no expert and don’t want to accidentally run to any wrong conclusions.