Live Weather - Toggle options (enable/disable) for METAR based weather injections

Ok so there is a heated debate going on regarding the updated weather engine in sim update 7. And it appears there two sides of preferences and both sides feel they have good reason for why they prefer one way or another. Keep in mind I have no expertise in coding and don’t know all the details about what makes up the weather engine. I am relying on what others are reporting.
So far now I it seems that the weather is now making use of METAR data locally around airports to more accurately correspond to current weather conditions outside. I may be wrong, but I see a lot of compromise to the dynamics, interactivity and accuracy of the general weather simulation and model with this type of method.

In general many of us were heavily spoiled by the weather engine up to sim update 6 and are now forced upon this new way of simulation weather.

So here is my wish/suggestion/request. If possible to have the option to choose between a fully dynamic and interactive weather injection (the original meteoblue way and maintaining a fully dynamic weather simulation) with virtually created METAR, wind data and ATIS from within the sim and a more METAR-based way of injecting things so virtual pilots that prefer to rely on real world weather METAR, wind data and VATSIM ATIS can use that if they wish. Right now it appears any weather engine has problem doing both. Of course I am happily proven wrong, but if it really is near impossible please let us have the choice.


Completely agree with this. Hope enough people can vote this one up the charts.

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Such a shame, that we don’t get more votes here.


Yea,Asobo needs to bring back the WX Weather file for creating different customizable weather at different stations before you fly to your destination.You can only make custom weather at your departure point and that’s it.


Yes, we need more options in live-weather for sure. Right now we only have live-weather on/off. The things i want to have is options for is METAR based weather ON/OFF (now we are suddenly forced to have it on i’m not liking those static report weather) gusts on/off (not working anymore in live-weather), Thermals limit (on/off) (They mentioned this is limited to 500ft/min). There is many options to weather they could add actually. Maybe it’s hard to code but they could code METARS in the sim then they could code to have options for it i’m sure of it.

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Can we have the option to turn the METAR CLOUD data OFF and only use LIVE weather like before SU7? (Important only cloud METAR data, keep winds/temp METAR like before SU7)

The “new” weather post SU7 using METAR data is just not good. Getting strange weather like rain at an airport but always able to see breaks in clouds/clearer skies just outside of airport boundaries while sitting on runway. Also weather around airport radius is very strange. We lost true overcast, stratus, all types gone; we lost variety in clouds (only one type some cumulus ugly cloud always same some cumulus cloud some dark and some light) always the same ugly cumulus clouds and always same altitude, thickness, absolutely no variety.

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The next update will feature a significant improvement in clouds. Shadows/outlines, towering and overcast, varying throughout the region as you fly. The only issue I am finding regarding cloud shapes in the beta, is that I still have not been able to find higher cirrus clouds adding another layer high above lower cumulus clouds. But there is a very noticeable improvement coming with the next update.

Forgot to mention, I have the beta and am referring to that “version” as well.

Certainly, the Beta is very encouraging if that is the what we will see, as far as weather is concerned, in the next SU.

Before the METAR update, the weather was much more in line with real life but most importantly it was much more plausible.

For example this is what Paris looks like on the day of posting, low overcast stratus clouds :

…And this is what it looks like in the sim…scattered/broken cumulus clouds

From space it looks like this, a nice layer of low stratus clouds over Paris.

Now what I find the saddest is that Meteoblue actually depicts this weather perfectly well ! Meteoblue finds “Low/Medium clouds: > 95% coverage” and it is exactly what it is in real life.

I wish the METAR update never happened, it does more harm than good in my opinion.


Agree, think METAR-implementationshould have been worked on in a private build to see if they could get it to work in a good enough way with Meteoblue, as currently it clearly does not work properly and does more harm than good as you say.


Agree1000% I remember the first time I launched the game in September the weather in this game was something that far exceeded my expectations! now is in such a sorry state that I can’t bring myself to play it…just some testing in the vane hope some unknown server issue is magically resolved. All I get now it’s just broken clouds…cumulus of various dimensions…often on the ground, volcanic ashen colored clouds…that’s it.
that was Belfast yesterday IRL

and the sims


Yes please bring back and focus on improving the Meteoblue forecast weather instead. What we have now is far inferior and going in the wrong direction. The two systems seem extremely difficult if possible to combine in a realistic way. It will have to be either one or the other, maybe as an option.


The Asobo team has said they are still working out the kinks. There’s still tweaking to be done for sure but let’s move forward, not backward.

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for now it just brought a massive downgrade in both precision and visual…so the wish as things stands now is more than valid. Clarification is also needed, the developers need to address this issues with us, who were promised improvements but all we got was 3 steps backwards!!


People does not agree with METAR weather simply because the weather injected in the sim based in METARs is insanely wrong…

If Asobo is not able to fix it two months after SU7 release (we don’t have a clue they’re working on it and the last update had zero improvement on it) and the sim is not capable of creating a simple overcast layer when METAR clearly shows OVC (one example of many other issues), so we really prefer the MeteoBlue prediction that at least could inject something closer the real conditions.


this is true, but it not just the overcast the issue, is the all depiction of the weather is way off, the clouds are terrible and very limited now. There is a big list of things that have been broken since su7. Beside, people wants many things, but they don’t really know what they are asking for until they get it. Now we can only hope that Asobo will fix all these issues as soon as possible, or revert, because for now this was not a step forward, an improvement…nothing like that by far!


Maybe, a better Temporary fix, while Asobo / Metroblue is sorting this out, is to add an “USER OPTION” to Disable Metar data – If that is technically possible.


Wait, msfs isn’t using meteoblue anymore? Or what did I miss?

Yes it does but METAR changes that global calculated weather to fit an old fixed METAR reports. Real hard thing to do as we now can see in the sim with transissions that was not needed before, Bubbles around airports that remove cloudfronts before it get over the airport, cant display lower clouds because visibility needs to match METAR, Generic cloude types because it’s hard having many cloudtypes to make the predicted weather match METARs. Circle of fog around airports in a fixed state in a fixed radius.

Besides weather is not fixed like a METAR report. Weather always changing. Look at time lapses of weather and you notice how much the weather changes all the time. Meteoblue tries to simulate weather changing over time in sync with the rest of the worlds weather and i liked that.