Liveries in Community Group Flights - Marketing Hook

Recently, I started to participate in many of the Community group flights on the calendar. I enjoy the flights, but the livery issues really detract from the overall experience. I’m beginning to suspect that it might be a marketing hook to foster the “need” or strong desire to purchase addons one wouldn’t outright make.

Ju-52’s in formation :disappointed:

I couldn’t take it anymore. I spent $15 on an aircraft (Ju-52) that I don’t intend to use, but I couldn’t take it anymore; I can no longer stand to look at the default substitutes when in multiplayer (Jumbo jet on its tail when on the ground. I am at least thankful that the default substitutes for the F-14, F-15, and F-16 are small GA aircraft. I’m also fortunate that the F-35 is the one non-fidelity/just for fun addon that I actually might purchase due to its sightseeing hover/low speed abilities. The default jumbo jet substitute model of the F-35 is the most irritating and disruptive placeholder for end of flight group screen shots.

I’ll have to search for the voting on this issue. I consider the $15 a donation to Asobo to support the platform. However, I won’t do that for any other developer’s addons.

Can someone please help direct me to the voting thread for this? This is the first time I’ve had a need or strong desire to vote on a topic. I’m having difficulty in locating the relevant thread.

Topic Author referred to the thread they’re looking for.