Liverys help

I have been looking for a long time where to find to install the aircraft libraries, I don’t know if there are any posts already created but a little help would be nice

Check out this post by one of our community members :smile:

Go here -


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And here’s how to install them - simply drag and drop. Doesn’t get easier than that.

the problem is that I can’t find that folder in the path of my game

Q1. Are you using the Steam Edition or the MS Store edition?
Q2. If Store edition, did you make changes to the install directory, or just use the defaults?

MS Store edition default rute

Try looking here - C:\Users[YOURUSERNAME]\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe

Replace {YOURUSERNAME} with your windows username

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YES! thanks!!

Have fun! Tons of liveries being released. You can find the latest here -

Hi, it doesn’t work for me :frowning: I installed on a secondary drive, È drive ssd and I’ve dropped the liveries in, and they don’t show up. Just the default livery. I tried both methods, the app data method and the one of dropping into the community folder in my è drive. It doesn’t work at all, no liveries, please help.

Does your folder look like this? I have it installed in J:\MSFS\Community\liveries

Sadly not, my community tab is completely empty. How can I fix it to look like yours ?

  1. Download this (virus scan it etc - I got it from and I’m not responsible if your computer blows up :slight_smile: ) -

  2. Unzip the files

  3. Drag the unzipped files into the community folder so it looks like this.

  4. Enjoy!

note - I deleted the old files in my first screenshot and replaced it with the new megapack

Thanks, I’ll try it out.

So, how do you export? From Nvidia? If so, what settings?

I am sure this is a silly question… but can other users see your livery :stuck_out_tongue: