LOD problems - Trees, water

He is at too low altitude, thats why. Plus its photogrammetry, not autogen :wink:
Wont fool anyone

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malwarebytes and superantispy detected nothing…servers dont show up in the sim… just automatic mode looking and looking but they aren’t there. Thanks for the tip though that didn’t cross my mind :slight_smile:

It depends:

[joking mode on] some my prefer “Yes you can! (make it better)” [joking mode off] :crazy_face:

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Last time you told us is not photogrammetry, it is autogen :smiley:

1920x1200. I guess with a 4k Monitor it look much better. But I have ordered the G2. I think it makes more sense than a 4K Monitor. Show me your Nvidia and FS Settings. Maybe I can help.

You might want to also look at this in case this is helping you:

[update] sorry wrong “reply” button, this was for @ Hysteria5845

i prefer your joking ! hahaha.

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No worries , thx !

Not zoomed

Feel free to view the first image in full resolution

“just why are you so obsessed and wandering around with screenshots of trees ?”

because the game looks like sh… now and it bothers me.
I did not uninstall x-plane because of this.
IFR is broken and now the only whats left - VFR

Some of us are actually flying outside their perfect 3D photogrammetry cities…

Can you comprehend ? Its fine that you dont want to sim look better. Its not fine enforcing your opinions


let me count them… just wait. i will be there soon.

just why are you so obsessed and wandering around with screenshots of trees ?

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Ah so they decided to break the ONE thing the sim excelled at. Next gen visuals was the biggest selling point of this game. Sad to see it go this way. What a trainwreck.


i didn’t mean to be mean but i guess i was.

sorry for all whom i might have offended.

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Where you got X-Plane 12 screenshot?

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Then you are not seeing the problem or are not looking in the right loctions. Many of us have trees a few miles in front of us and beyond that it turns to bare orthos with a few of the larger buildings rendered on top. It looks like an FS9 scene. What you see on your rig does not give your comments on what we see on ours any validity whatsoever. There is a problem that Asobo needs to address.

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right. it does not.

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lol Fair enough then.

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oh man! that looks terrible! :sleepy:

that’s one of my biggest concerns about this sim, I don’t want they to degrade graphics, that would be a shame. The sim already runs quite well compared to the amazing visuals, no need to downgrade it. Very soon there will be CPUs and GPUs capables of 60fps at any condition so no need for this.

Please Asobo bring back the drawing distances of trees and buildings and everything!

Btw, take a look here:

Please, upvote this thread!


These look fine, but you’re at a low altitude. Go to FL100 and see how the scenery looks.

Show me first your pic. And don’t forget the Airport location. I took the pictures around KSFO. Still waiting…:smiley:

10.000 feet KSFO. So, same location where you have complained that it’s too low. And now…

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Dakar, right now on my rig. Weather set to “Few Clouds”.

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