LOD problems - Trees, water

If this is of any help, here is the same KSFO on my test system with the 4K settings I’ve published:

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I must agree after playing and flying over the pacific at about 10000 ft the definition of water and the different layers of water are very blurry and the sun reflection off the water looks pretty bad just a hot blurry mess…

The different layers of water or currents , best way I can explain it used to be sharply defined and sun glare off the watter was awesome… now just blurry :frowning:

I tested this on all high and ultra and it made no difference, Water was definitely dumbed down for the masses…

i7-7700 1070 gtx 20gb ram

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I see no big difference to mine. But I expect that 4K look much better. Your settings?


From 100 to 150 brought the sharpness back for me :+1:

That explains some do have it some don’t … the people on 150 and higher ( even 130 is way better for me ) will probably say they do not see a difference between patches …

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Can you show me a new pic with 150, because I expect that must look much better than mine lame 1920x1200 :slight_smile: Thanks.

Here they are:

With the following changes since v1.8.3:

Terrain Vector Data ULTRA
Texture ULTRA
Glass Cockpit Rate MEDIUM

In the meantime I’ve further refined my settings because 1.8.3 is a little more aggressive with its default sharpening. Furthermore with the reduced LOD with the latest version it makes some objects too sharp as well. Hence for I’ve also changed the Nvidia CPL Sharpen from 0.5 to 0.33 (I explain in my post above I’m using the NVidia CPL Sharpen in order to compensate for the loss of clarity due to using TAA at 70%)

NB: this is meant for a 2070 S

PS: I’ve also tried the reverse: 200% super sampling and screen resolution 1920x1080 but this is not as detailed as 70% super sampling and screen resolution of 3840x2160. It is obviously better at 100% SS but it goes from ~55 FPS to ~35 FPS in the same area.


Thank you very much.

P.S. I didn’t mentioned that I have the latest Nvidia driver and Win10 Updates. But I don’t believe that has anything to do with better performance. TLOD 200 and OLOD 200. All Ultra, Bloom and Reflections off.


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FYI: my settings are 150% Terrain LOD as well.

PS to PS: Thank you for sharing!

I’m not using the latest NVidia but the last one pre win10 2004.

Like I’ve posted I’m not sure any of the NVidia settings have any ‘major’ impact. In my post I’m explaining I’ve chosen settings which should lower the amount of VRam used by rendering buffers so as to give back more of it to FS2020. However, I’m planning to try a few different strategies in the NVidia CPL and see whether this has any impact in the end.

The most dramatic gain has been the Ultimate Power settings which at the time of v1.7.14 made the FPS viewer changing from limited by CPU into limited by GPU.

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fairly sure that is water waves

Dont have what exactly?

Im at 4k 100 render scaling . I post all comparising screenshots with same max graphical settings.

You can see results for yourself and make your own judgment.

how do create an ignore list on this forum?

So what ? … its a night and day difference for me and many others( 1080p )

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Click on persons profile, click on button with avatar logo called NORMAL. Then there you will have options.

You can test it for example on Pilot1811 profile if you like. It works

Tomorrow I will be hopefuly able to test old patch 1 version to compare and fully understand changes so we can create suggestions for Asobo


All these complaints and probably was complaining about poor performance before and now it does handle CPU better to give FPS desired and now your complaining it does look too good. Mine looks fine and no issues. 3950X and 2080TI

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The patch killed the wow factor for me. Post patch looks like a dressed up Flight Sim X. I’m enjoying a smoother frame rate and love the flight model on the small planes, but I sure miss the amazing graphics from the launch version. Just go fly KSEZ… all the reddish color is gone now even on ultra. The roads and buildings look slightly cartoonish instead of photo-realistic.

It’s pretty obvious they improved performance by nerfing the graphics instead of fixing the threading problem. I hope the next patch brings back the amazing visuals.

I’m not holding my breath for a quick fix though based on the fact they can’t even get the launcher to work. If it weren’t for Netlimiter 4 I’d still be benched.


It seems im stuck at autogen mode. And yes, bing data is on etc. Xbox networking is open NAT. Only the precached/rolling cached areas are being generated nicely

Must be that computer of yours I upgraded and it has never looked better so maybe do a up grade or live with it

The technology is already there, or it wouldn’t have worked. Perhaps it needs a little tweaking and more bandwidth.

Does it matter if I have
NAT Type - Moderate, instead Open ??

I think so but i doubt if it has any bearing for Bing Maps cause my live traffic and live weather is working. Could be affecting your mutliplayer though