LOD problems - Trees & Water

I personally think this drop in LOD started back on the first patch release v1.8.3 - as MSFS hasn’t quite looked the same to me since the initial release version.

Performance has improved (a little) but I believe it has unfortunately been at the expense of the nice visuals we previously enjoyed.

Now to be fair, Microsoft & ASOBO have stated in a recent YouTube interview that they are aware of some regressions in recent patch releases that need to be fixed and are being worked on. Also Bing Map data is updated roughly every 28 days - so fixes related to this won’t be out until the end of Oct.

And the fadeout for water reflections is now way to close to the viewer.
Looks just wrong and sticks out like a sore thumb.

I hope they change the water texture again. THe new one looks really ugly. :cold_sweat:


It just became horrible! I don’t understand how they could have degraded the game so much and not have realized it? Either they know it and are testing to see if we’re going to say something or not. They’re probably trying to compile the Xbox version…

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The change is visible to everyone. In my opinion, it is intentional to degrade the visual world. I think what you also described is that the PC version is downgraded to the XBOX version. It upsets what the developer is doing. How can the simulator be optimized for the two platforms?

Manage the xbox and pc versions separately. Add a developer setting option that lets everyone free the visual world. I can’t stress emphasizing that the community needs the amazing sight. Lush forests, beautiful trees, dense grass, and wonderful water.

Why doesn’t the developer comment on the topic? 876 comments, 12140 views. Doesn’t the community deserve so much to respond?

Look at these trees. Their quality is catastrophic … I also have a problem with the fact that the hillside is barren, although the location of the trees and bushes is clearly visible.

Very poor quality trees, bushes

Trees and bushes are missing


They have. In the last Q&A.
It is not intentional. It is a bug.

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Not a mistake. Intentional destruction. There was a problem with the first update. The community asked for the correction, which did not happen. During the second update, the quality deteriorated further. You have to respond to problems on the forum. My opinion is, if a topic contains many, hundreds of posts, has tens of thousands of views, then react here.

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Stop talking nonsense and refer to what the developers actually said.
There was no intentional downgrade:


I also watched the developer video… :joy: Do you believe in the developer or what you see? You can see the facts, here are the pictures. I believe in my eyes, not empty speech. The developer feeds people, real good marketing.

Importantly, the simulator was the best when it was released. So far there has been no such visual world, I loved it. Today the situation has changed …

Onestly, the trees quality looks very fine to me there.


What kind of reason would the CEO of Asobo have to lie about the fact that they didn’t degrade visuals on purpose?
And I thought I was a cynic.


It’s not that they’re lying. More like, they’re not going to tell us everything going on behind the scenes. They’re not going to pop the hood and give us a tour of the mess they’ve created.

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Someone in another group said that the game is going back to standard rendering scale every time you fire the game. In other words, if you first set it to 200, the next day that you fire the game the slide will remain at 200, but the game will render at 100 or something. So you have to readjust the slide every time that you play the game to avoid this hidden reset.

Have anyone tried to readjust the slide every time they fire the game?

Trees quality never changed before/ after release, what you see is what I did have in alpha, few complained 4-5 but not that much more, there was a post\complain on that same spot from user showing the same quality in alpha.

I have noticed that I cannot now get into marketplace in the sim

Contact Zendesk they will fix it from their end, it’s from the account related https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

Same here with the decreased LOD.
I was flying along the eastern Long Island area just east of KFOK.
The aircraft in the screenshots is roughly positioned above the southern shore of Long Island.
Measuring the width of Long Island in the area, gives an approx. clue how limited the LOD got.
View without zoom:

View with zoom:

Not exactly true. Trees in alphas had self shadowing and casted shadows on the ground, which is not the case anymore, at least, since the beta. So some features of the trees rendering have been deteriorated.

Completey agree that the sim looks horrible now. More cartoonish than ever.

LOD is ridiculously low. I can visibly see the textures popping in about 5 miles from the sim, and im only flying GA, low level around 1500 fee.t I cant imagine how horrible it must look from higher airliner altitudes.

Water also looks childlish with those repeating wave things.

Trees always were too large, in fact i had posted a tree height fix on www.flightsim.to which i prefer using.

And whats with the mutliple multi storey buildings where there should be none ?

It almost seems like with each update they manage to break something else or roll back things that should have just been left alone. very disappointed

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I have higher than in-game settings in my config file. I have building LOD at 10.0 (1000 effectively) and terrain at 4.0 (400 effective) and that always stays the same. This isn’t about draw distance. There is something going on with their photogrammetry in the areas where they have enabled it.