Logbook record flight segments

Would be really great if the logbook could record the flight segments of a multi segment flight. For example if I fly from airport A to airport B and then fly to airport C the logbook only records one takeoff and one landing and only airport A to airport C with no mention of Airport B. It would be better in my opinion that each take off (or departure origin) and landing be recorded as a flight.

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I agree with this. My workaround is to shut off the plane at the end of each leg and usually that “ends” the flight even without going back to the main menu. Sometimes it works with just avionics off and sometimes with full battery off. But this is not a fool proof system as sometimes on the later legs it doesn’t work (so as workarounds go it’s not great).

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Absolutely need this. I just did a 5 leg flight and it only recorded the origin and end airport. It should make a logbook entry for each takeoff and landing rather than each session - or at least have the option to do that

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I use this workaround too.
The only drawback is that the restart of the engines/systems strains the memory and many times provokes a CTD on Xbox X if the sim was already running low.
So it is a workaround with risks.

Therefore it would be alot better if the proposal with logbook entries for each leg (triggered by a full stop on the runway or when clear of runway) was to be implemented.

I mean, if I spawn to rwy and imediately exit the logbook actually logs that(!). A 0sec flight with zero takeoff/landings. So surely it could log the individual legs of an actuall flight.

To make it an option rather than mandatory would be good too, for anyone who might prefer the way it is now.

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It’s weird thought because it actually brings up the completed leg logbook screen with the completed flight but later when you go out into the pilot logbook via the main screen the flight isn’t there, it was working fine till the last update.

Exactly! Same problem here!

Does anyone have an idea how to approach Asobo with this error? It really bothers me that you can’t do multiple flights in one session, so they aren’t shown correctly in the logbook. It mistly worked until the beginning of February, now only the first airport and the one when leaving the sim are documented. I recently flew from LOWW to KORD via CYQX, but CYQX was not documented. Also today on the flight LOWW-LEPA and LEPA-LOWW. Only Vienna Airport is recognized.

You can contribute to an existing Bug Reporting Hub report for this issue, or if none exist, you can create a new Bug Report topic here: User Interface & Activities for this issue :slight_smile:

Do you have that assistance option activated ?:

Just did a quick test: shutting down the aircraft after the 1st leg so that the logbook shows up, then start again the aircraft, complete the 2 leg (in this case back to the departure airport), shut down the aircraft so that logbook shows up. Going back to main menu, going to logbook, the 2 legs are showing up.
After the 1st leg:

After the 2nd leg, opening logbook from main menu, both legs have been saved:

Yeah thats the way I did it, and the logbook report appeared as per your screenshots on engine shutdown, but when I checked the logbook later on only the last leg appeared. I havent checked since, maybe it was a one off. It’s not a problem if I exit back to the main menu in between each leg. IMSFS did have the issue a long time ago, maybe the bug has crept back in.

I did not experienced the bug in my test (or did I missed something ?). Can you try again on your side ?

My assistance is now on, but the bug is still there.

I was not able to reproduce the issue but my recommendation would be that you or @TenNight5500570 to follow @Speed1994 advice (using provided template):

Perhaps this bug has something to do with the FBW A32NX? I dont‘n know. I will test some flights with the standard A320neo.

If testing and reporting an issue as a bug, it must be done with a base MSFS installation, without 3rd party addons and using base MSFS aircraft. Let us know your test output with the standard A320.

Yesterday I made two test flights from LOWW to EDMM and then back from EDMM to LOWW without switching to the main menu and both flights were recorded correctly. It’s probably, at least for me, really due to the FBW A32NX.

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I don’t know if you are using the FBW A23NX, but I think the issue really has to do with the FBW A32NX, or that the sim has problems recognizing when a flight with this aircraft is considered to have ended, hence the entry in the Logbook should be done. I have now tested a flight with the FBW A32NX LOWW-LIRF, engines off, then BAT1 and external power off, logbook opened and the entry was made. Instead of having to get out of the sim and start a completely new flight, I stayed in the cockpit, restarted the power and flew the LIRF-LOWW flight. After this flight again: engines off, BAT1 and external power off, flight was recorded in the logbook. I hope this helps others too, I’m excited to hear what you say. Good luck!

There is also that bug report that could be related then: