Looking for a standard steam gauge Cessna 172

Ok, if this is the kind of response I can expect from this site then I am sorry I even joined…

Whats the thing you want to know exactly?
The Saitek panels are „generic“, they dont represent a specific type of avionics. You can use the saitek radio panel just fine with the Steam gauges C172. :slight_smile:

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Is there a way to apply the improved FM of the C172 G1000 with CFD and new prop model to the Deluxe Steam Gauge C172?

Yes, look into the WB-SIM C172 Classic “Near study level” improvement mod , when it gets release, ( hopefully after SU10)


The stock Cessna 152 is probably a better match for the Saitek radio panels, if you’re looking for something with a pre-GPS feel. It’s lighter but also less powerful than the 172, though, and the stock version has no autopilot.

Of course you can always just use the external panels with the G430 or even G1000, even if it looks funky on-screen. :wink:

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Really hyped for this :+1:t3:

I’m sorry you feel offended. I said right up front that I didn’t understand what you are asking, and answered it as best I could per my understanding…

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Would someone do me a kindness and tell me what the 172 with steam gauges is called in the content manager?
I have the deluxe version but I do not have all the default aircraft installed. I would like to install the “steam” 172 and no other, What 172 should I be looking for in the Content Manager?

In the content manager the steam gauge version of the 172 is a subcategory of the “deluxe upgrade” and comes up as “cessna 172 skyhawk” Mine is labeled version 0.1.80 at 476.89 MIB.

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Well you can. The Just Flight Warrior II :smiley: :smiley:

May not have been available at the time of this post, not sure. This is a very necro thread that someone has revived.

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Don’t count out the Warrior… its awesome.

Unfortunately not, but I am still interested, just in case someone wants to send me a PM. thanks

Super retro thread.

The answer these days is buy the following three items:

  1. premium deluxe giving the Asobo steam c172
  2. Just Flights c172 classic improvement mod
  3. Boris audio works c172 sound package

Putting all three together will make an awesome package if your into the c172.

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