Looking for VR benchmarks

I’m upgrading from my Geforce 1070 card, but I’m not sure to what.

Is there a benchmark / comparison for using different graphics cards in VR? I understand that it varies with CPU, headset, settings, type of flying etc, but I was hoping to find a rough comparison on how well different cards perform in VR. Most videos and articles are dealing with how to tweak settings for a specific card. Not much of comparisons card to card I’m afraid.

If I had the money I would get an RTX 3090, but since I don’t I would like to find my own sweet spot so to speak.

Sorry if this has been requested before, but I couldn’t find any.


First Welcome to the forums…maybe a lurker before, but now a poster…

check out my post with screens of my setup and a short video…

My Post

I hope it helps you…unfortunately it is an RTX3090 running the show.


Yes, I have been hanging around on and off, and flying sims since the early 90s.

I’m still looking for a comparison between different GPUs for VR rather than optimal settings for a specific GPU.

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i think vr specific gpu comparisons are still quite scarce, but look at 4k gaming gpu benchmarks to get an idea as vr gaming is sort of 4k gaming, there’s plenty to be found online. edit: just to note, u won’t get as many fps in vr as u do in 4k, vr not only renders at 4k+ resolutions, it also has other work to do. but the 4k gaming benchmarks will give u an overview of the capabilities of different gpu’s when pushing high resolution.

imo the 3080 offers best bang per buck and manages the demands of vr pretty well, but they are hard to get hold of. i have a 3080ti.


Good idea! Will look for 4k reviews. Thanks!

Just to add, make sure those 4K reviews are post-SU5, ie less than a year old, as the game engine changed quite markedly in SU5 making older reviews much less useful.

This one is recent and is a good one: Build the Best PC for Flight Simulator 2020! CPUs, RAM and GPUs tested for the Perfect Sim PC - YouTube

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I was hoping to spend less than a 3080, but as you say it looks like the best bang per buck right now. The 3070 Ti seems closer to the 3070 performance rather than the 3080.

Prices are dropping globally on video cards, due to less demand from crypto miners and greater production leading to more supply. As such, if a 3080 is too expensive right now, it could be where the 3070/Ti is currently priced in a couple of months time, especially once the 4000 series cards come out around that time.

…until the crypto market soars again, or there is a new covid-wave that slows the production ;). I would need to buy before that happens. But yes, a 4000-series would probably help to bring prices down further.

Benchmarks using which VR headset? It’s not just the computer hardware that determines your VR experience. :slight_smile:

It’s a buyers market now. Buy something reasonable maybe like a 3080 and save up for the 40 series!

For the HP Reverb G2, I’d say the 3080 gives a slight benefit over the Radeon 6800XT right now, whereas at 1440p in 2D the Radeon is a bit ahead. Current gen nVidia cards seem to handle higher resolutions, like 4K or VR a bit better; I’ve seen that in both 4K benchmarks and general discussion with VR flyers on this forum.

I have a Radeon 6800XT on an AMD rig with the 5800X3D CPU, which seems to be if not the best CPU, then at least right up there for MSFS. In a GA aircraft in a rural area, with no clouds and a mix of high, medium and some ultra settings, pushing for maximum clarity over just performance, this is what you can expect from SU9 with Win 10 and DX11. Notice i’m using the OpenXR Toolkit with two different FSR resolutions. I use 100% now, as the lows are no longer giving me stutters at a fixed 30fps, which is just fine for me in MSFS. A 3080 or 3080ti would likely be better, whether you’d notice it, I can’t say. I don’t use Motion Reprojection though and some say nVidia cards work better with it. This is low down at 1,000ft btw, as I like that type of flying.

I’m hanging out for the next gen cards though, which will hopefully bring a big improvement in VR.

Just to give you another data point. I have a 3060TI and a G2 and it’s…ok. Actually it’s good, but I do wish for more power of course. But with some compromise it’s quite good for GA and even workable with the Fenix (yes I’m crazy and do full airliners flights in VR) or 320NX.

I wouldn’t wanna go lower though. I’m planning to upgrade to the new gen early next year, bought this card just as a stop gap.

Depends what VR HMD you have. If it’s high res like the G2, you’ll want at least a 3070. Even a 3080, which I have, is not optimal for the G2 but runs quite well if you tweak it right.

Basically get the highest 30xx you can afford or wait for 40xx and/or DLSS.

I’ve run a G2 with a 2070Super just fine in this and other Sims, of course a better GPU will yield better results.

What resolution and what FPS though?

Good enough resolution for a very decent experience, I can’t remember exactly as I’ve since upgraded :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t even know what FPS is in VR anymore, only thing that matters to me is SMOOTH.

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I have (usually) very smooth VR with my G2 and just a 3060Ti. With Fenix A320 fps >20 on stock airports, >25 in flight and sometimes bottoming at 12-15 when landing at custom airports with live traffic and live weather. But it is still playable, smooth and no stutters.
I hope I can upgrade to a 40xx later this year, but for the time being I am quite happy with the performance I get.

I’ve been through a series of upgrades 2070s>3080>3080ti>3090ti. Biggest surprise was 3080>3080ti which gave me a 10fps bump. Biggest waste of money was 3080ti>3090ti which gave me nothing at all. I had a great experience with the 2070s at the time but it’s a slippery slope when you start chasing marginal fps/quality gains.

Other improvement for me was ‘downgrading’ from a 5900x to a 5800x3d (though they are now priced higher than the higher core count cpu so not really a downgrade).

With OpenXR toolkit on 100%, in game rendering 100% and most settings on ultra or high I’m getting 45-50fps in the air with a Reverb G2. It still drops to the high 20s on the ground at complicated airports though.

I would wait and see what the performance feedback is during the SU10 beta (starting tomorrow). If DLSS delivers, you might be happy on lower spec gear until the next gen cards come out.

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