Low bandwidth Message - Connection Lost - Switched Offline

Here also today, 13/01/2023 many connection lost
here are my test

Hello guys! I have the same problem of all of you mentioned above, but, today after a flight with the Aerosoft CRJ900, I did not had any message regarding the connection lost/switching offline. With PMDG/Fenix/A320NX etc its really constant. Do you guys experimented any improvement today?

Sorry again! It was just a day miracle… Today after takeoff happened again, freezed the sim and I had to end the flight…

Bandwidth is different from speed.
you can have fast speeds but low bandwidth.
I am contacting my SHAW ISP to figure this out.

I also do not believe this issue to be solved as I am getting the same exact message. I’m riding a 1gig connection without any custom scenery add-ons. It takes exceedingly long to load into the main menu and exceedingly long to load into the flight. Not sure if its the author or the mods that marked this thread as solved but whoever did I would kindly ask them to reverse it

HI all

can we fix this… Offline mode is an issue?

I have added nothing new, and this continues.
I went so far as to put everything back to Vanilla and it still keeps dropping out
This has occurred since Monday, and it has been relentless.
It has been running fine prior to Monday so what did they do???

Every other application and other online gaming server i use are running perfectly.
It’s a shame P3d with all the add Ons and components still runs without issue.

Is there a problem???

Kind Regards


Yes, but it’s nothing to do with your system specifically, rather a combination of things, none of which are on your computer. It’s a server side issue, possibly caused by your location in so far as how it relates to which servers you connect to, and perhaps what load those servers are currently under.

Hi !
Same for me since all the week !
Speedtest 900 mb/600mb pin 7 !
I hope it will be resolved quickly…

There got be issue Issue with Hosting server.
Further testing
Why is it outside program (Map Enhancer) able implement the Scenery/ground textures with out issues in to the Sim but the in-game hangs and goes offline low bandwidth you get the msg ??
You have Bing issues just for starters, weather link well that is not as bad or the demand is way higher than what was to be expected on systems used.

Just adding to the angry crowd. MSFS2020 is unplayable for weeks. Same behavior as described : low bandwith network, Bing disabled, going to settings to enable it again, loading for ages, and back to the game with low bandwith error. On the worst day, MSFS just freeze and this is end of flight.

My PC is in a datacenter (Shadow PC) with a steady 1Gb/s direct connection to main network infrastructure in Paris so there’s no way MY bandwith could be an issue.

I’m repeating it to increase focus on this issue because it’s really blocking. Not just annoying. I used to fly one or two flights a day. Now I can fly and land 5 times in a week, on lucky weeks.

I tried to check files integrity twice but each time, I need to redownload 300G files … Currently …



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I have tried something and it seems to work. No “Low Bandwith” since I did it.

After having cleaned your hosts file, type “ipconfig /flushdns” in a WIndows Terminal.

No idea if this worked because of an accumulation of tips to apply. Give it a try !

What did you remove from your hosts file?


You basically just return your hosts file to the default state

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as we mentioned often:

don’t copy/paste content from a website into that file !

The simplest and easiest way to reset the windows host file is: REMOVE the file and restart windows. Thats all !


I understand. What I’m asking is what did you remove from it that made a difference? You can’t know it was a fix if you can’t say for sure what entries were in there in the first place. Had you perhaps used a certain mod to replace ground textures, for example?

I know exactly what a default hosts file should look like, and I’m curious what you could possibly have had in there that would fix a bandwidth issue which is almost certainly a server side issue.

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The error is on Microsoft’s side. There is a problem with the servers. It’s been a problem for 2 years, they don’t deal with it. One of the most important elements is Photogrammetry areas and cities. It would be a wonderful sight, but at the moment it is not. I don’t understand why the development team is not working on the solution. 1 week ago, the server connection is again catastrophic. Everything melts. Bandwidth is good, ping is good, host is good.

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What would you like them to do? Poor looking PG is almost always because the PG geometry is poor, and nothing at all to do with flaky server connections, or low bandwidth. It won’t matter how long you wait, it just won’t get better.

The only ways to improve PG are to tidy up the data by hand, or go out and collect new PG.

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Even to me, grrrr!!!