Low CPU/GPU usage with RTX 3090

The CPU and GPU usage is very low. Fps are very low. I do not have this issue with any other game. I tried nvidia vsync off, on, let 3d decide, fast nothing seems to fix the issue.

Bottlenecked by the cpu, even though it says low usage that’s just an aggregate of all cores and one or two of them will be maxed out.

we have sooooooooo many of existing topics about, just use the forum search function…

One example for an existing topic, because I assume you want use the search function:

and playing in 4K is still demanding… in special on ground

Even with 11900k? wow

Yes … but I expect this to improve once DX12 is allocated more tasks

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and playing in 4K is still demanding… in special on ground

its the same fps in the air.

Hi forum im in DX11 i updated sim 7 and now i am underperforming. before I always had a steady and locked 30fps. Now I am at 14-22fps. It’s inexplicable. I have restored all the settings, I have tried everything. And the problem continues. This update 7 lowers the fps considerably [asfewq] [Sin título] Please tag your post with pc and/or xbox. christiance5917 Are you on Steam or Microsoft Store version? Microsoft Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it? NO DEV Brief des…

I do not find the solution ?

may be lowering the LOD… as mentioned within the other topic , where are also other possible settings discussed ;).

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@MichaMMA This is my 3070 with max setting max LOD with 8700k without an issue. Obviously that was few updates back. Stable 40-45fps

I know about your former posts :wink: … in meanwhile the earth have circled many times and may be you have to adapt some game settings for the new releases. Also try new nvidia drivers, which have not less impact, etc…

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Some outside mods can be very demanding on the mainthread too however there are a couple of things that may help, one is turning off virtualisation in bios and I suggest testing with 3rd party antivirus disabled. Also regardless of how much ram you have let Windows handle virtual memory. Do not let drives get too full, 11% provisioning (free space) is the recommended.

Sim is closed.

No third party anti virus is installed.

but not give him to much hope… it is 4K and also a 3090 gpu is not a magic device ( more exact useless, because most users not beneffit from additional vram ) and also the new cpu’s are just limited in case of one-core-load. In other thread I depict a screenshot where I’am limited from my 2080Ti ( I play “near” 4K / ultra ) , it works in 100% and my one-core is at 100% ( best case we can currently have :wink: ).

I assume users can only reduce the LOD if they are core limited and may be we get in next release more optimzations or a stable Dx12 impl ( a good optimized impl, otherwise the perf can also go worst ).

But all of these we mentioned so often wihtin existing topics.


They are just good tips for everybody and nothing can help those that believe their PC must have everything maxed out when it can’t. People forget that LOD stopped at 200 before SU5.

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and I thought I’am the only one which remember :slight_smile:


Yeah I have the same CPU and have the same issue

Yeah but the LOD at 200 is the equivalent of LOD at 400 now…

We need to remember that aswell.

Not at all, LOD 400 is the same but they have pulled some of the details back. (chimneys, air conditioning units and some textures etc.)

So it’s not the same?

In fairness I do see your point. I am hoping DX12 does bring some performance gains.

Struggling with the latest tech is not good enough

According to Seb draw distance is the same except for trees which was extended. But as I said loss of detail was the price and hopefully we will get it back. DX12 theoretically should make splitting core use a little easier but it still has to be coded and coding takes time.