Make glass cockpit instruments undockable with controls included

That way they could be used with a touchscreen…

Please add an option to pop out mfds, pfds, fmcs etc. Most sims have this and it is helpful to be able to put these items on a second monitor.



Will be VERY helpful! Especially for mcdu, even if you don’t have a second monitor

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Agreed. I spent 15 minutes or so trying to figure out how to pop out the mfd before realizing we can’t do that yet.

Didn’t even think about this. That would be awesome!

+1, this is essential to make it bigger to see as well as stable, very hard to hit those little button in turbulence


I think the instrument views mode is supposed to replace popout panels.

omg yes please. yesterday i spent 6 minutes changing nav frequency on the g1000 PFD because the hitboxes on the 3d buttons were impossible to hit.


If Instrument View is their idea of a pop our 2D version for the MFD and PFD, they just lost me as a long term customer. For being accessible for everyone to play, this release version sure isn’t.


SHIFT+RIGHT_ALT and click, pop out mdf screen,

Is that the default keyboard command. What is the name of the feature? I wiped all my keyboard settings and put in manually what I want

That doesn’t work

That only pops out the screen, not the softkey commands that are needed to make the screen work.

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Is this what you all want?


No, we want a full pop out with the buttons there as well. Like XPlane has the pop our MFD / PFD with the buttons there to control the inputs


Thats what I wanted

That is useful if you have a screen with the commands (rotary, button…) we created.
There are people have only a screen without the physical tars, so you need Garmin complete with buttons.

Consequently, we need both configurations.

Thanks for reading me :wink:


YES, but how did you do what I see there? Or is that not MSFS 2020?

There is a customizable keyboard combo if you click on it while pressing the keyboard combo, it pops out like he showed there.

The keyboard command you want is Options, Controls, MISC, New UI Window Mode. You can set any button you want to combine with the mouse click.

I don’t find it as useful without the accompanying buttons to control it…


For MCDU device, the pop-up windows shows only the dispalay, not the keyboard : it’s not very useful. I hope w’ill have a complete MCDU pop-up in a next update as shown in my pic

(and an EFB too).