Mamudesign Marinas - Boats and Piers in the World


Federico, from Mamudesign, the very well known developer of Project Lifts, Powerlines and Solar Farms, has just released his new creation. It seems that we’re gonna have a very nice summer end. :star_struck:

“Marinas is a global scenery that places static boats and piers in marinas, sea, lakes and rivers, covering entire countries, data driven by Open Street Map Data”

This freeware addon can be downloaded at


if this actually works like it looks like, I’m going to toss a donation his way!

This is absolutely awesome, been waiting for MS / Asobo to add it to blackshark AI since release day!


This is outrageously clever.

This must be the finest case so far of a non Asoban doing a better than the people themselves.


Just did an hour long flight around a random strip of coast in the US, they’re everywhere. This is already my pick for ‘mod of the year’ :slight_smile:


This is gettin’ got. I love flying around the Great Lakes and this could be a sim-changer.


Thanks mate for the sweet presentation!
Was about to post this but you have been faster, I can hire you as social manager :star_struck:


Thank you!

About the Blackshark mention:
I had the idea to do this mod long time ago (that was in the middle of the Lifts development).
And at first I thought that doing the AI way was the only viable method: so i have started looking around for info, read a lot of papers about satellite images recognition, feature segmentation and so on. Too difficult, put the idea aside
Then while working in some OSM Powerlines, I noticed the piers…hey, boats are around piers

And Presto the code was ready :nerd_face:


you did a great job, thanks for releasing this

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Flying over the small harbor of Honfleur in France…

Then go up towards Paris along the Seine which is now very lively and animated…

Close of day version…


Amazing work. This is one feature that i wish Asobo “standar-ised” in their world updates, as it adds so much realism and immersion more than pretty much everything else (even trees!).

This addon will skyrocket to the top of FSTO rankings for sure. Sent you a PM there by the way :slight_smile:

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Very good, works well. The only problem is that Seafront Simulations has already covered the area of the south east coast of the UK from Isle of Sheppey down to Keyhaven so ideally we could do with a way to exclude these areas from the mod so we dont have a clash.

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Woww those are wonderful screenshot!!
Can you please add them to the .to user gallery? If you don’t mind :slightly_smiling_face:

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This mod is amazing and the author has made some of the most amazing mods for MSFS - antennas, chimneys, ski lifts, solar panels, power lines and now marinas. I was already amazed by power lines as they add a lot of realism since they have collisions… but marinas are as awesome.
Congrats to the author for his amazing contribution to this sim and a BIG thank you. I must donate :smiley:


i agree from france…you re better than blackshark ia… i must donate for all your work, and more than a coffee.


Yes he deserves some support with all the excellent add-ons he has done. I have 3 of his sceneries, this one, powerlines and solar farms, and his wind turbine mod too, all make a big difference to my sim.


This looks awesome. Not going to be able to fly for a couple of days but I’m desperate to check it out!

Good point about Seafront Simulations and the areas they cover. Does this ignore those areas, or the other way around, or will it just potentially double up?

Same question for the Bijan boats additions I guess?

Seafront and this mod clash at the moment, both displaying objects at the same time.

Bijam boats, Seafron and this mod, all are excelent…
Unfortunately in MSFS we can’t organize scenerios same as in FSX
where the top scenery kill scenerios under … maybe some day we can do this :roll_eyes:

Hi Mamu, this is the area I grew up in, as you can see, marinas and boats are literally everywhere. Thanks for finally completing this part of the sim. It’s simply amazing flying over there now, something was missing there in the past, now it’s complete!


Another awesome Mamudesign add-on! I have installed a few manually created piers and boats sceneries, but this data driven approach is at least as good in most instances, and with incredible coverage. Is it perfect? Of course not. But it brings so much life to the sim’s coast lines :smiley: Thank you!!!