Mamudesign Marinas - Boats and Piers in the World

Hi Vincent, thanks a lot for the report,
Will fix in next release (dunno when cause I lost half of the sources of that project!)
in the meantime , you can add an exclusion rectangle in your upcoming project so to allow your user to enjoy the real landscape

(btw the groyne there come straight from open street map data, dunno if that’s an error or a wrong mapping)

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That part of a river, harbour and so on, where the main navigable channel for vessels of larger size lies.

Thank you for you reply. I’m sympathize for the recovery of lost data ! Will set an exclusion in my addon. Thanks again!

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New England is pretty easy in this regard. They’re either white or stone, probably 90% White wooden structures…

And, yeah, the churches are pretty prominent everywhere you go in New England (Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, etc.)

Hello, this add on seems to be unavailable on flighsim . to … Do you know where to download it ?

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Can confirm its on Flightsim TO but, the file is unavailable. Not sure where else to find it…

Personal Comments and Observations

I found this comment on one of the author’s other products:


Could be going payware?

Xbox could certainly benefit from these mods.

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FS2024? :wink: :shushing_face:
It would be deserving.The marinas add on adds so much to the Caribbean vibes.


We could only dream he sold them to MS for 2024…

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Xbox …Yeah, that’s the plan, for all my the global add-ons

Hope the Marketplace team now can consider my 3 years long application :dizzy_face:

(Of course any other source of the files is not authorised)


Thank you for your answer ! I hope your add-ons will be available again soon, it looks amazing :slight_smile:

Have a nice day!

How are you going to sell it when it contains models from superspud and sketchfab?

  • Superspud (which is a friend) collected the models from sketchfab and other sources

  • Sketchfab Standard licences includes commercial use

  • I can 3d model and paint pretty well, so it really not a problem to create the models with the detail required by the mod type (or even higher)

  • lastly, buying other models, if needed, won’t be a problem in a commercial environment, it is called an investment :slightly_smiling_face:

Every add-on made by myself as alway complied commercial rules, because the goal has always been to land on Xbox

Hope this answer your question!


so essentially,

it’s becoming payware.

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It is the ONLY way to reach the Xbox users

This game was made for PC and Xbox, and the Xbox users only have the Marketplace to download add-on.
My application to the Marketplace is 3 years old.

During this time frame, I have released 3 add-ons that are considered among the top10 (see link below) world enhancement mods

Why Xbox users CAN’T ENJOY them?

For new partners, the Marketplace “backlog” should not be an issue anymore. Infact, since November a handful of new Partners have been accepted.
But they OBVIOUSLY are not following application queu. That’s a fact.
So, what’s up with the Marketplace Team?

Or what’s wrong with me or with my idea to be able to make Xbox user enjoying some of the most appreciated add-ons?


Nothing at all! I wish you luck. Well deserved as your products are definitely the best visual addons!

I can’t fly without them :wink:


Where can I get this from now? Used to be in but it’s now reporting the file is unavailable.

I’ve had this installed for years and was going to check for an update. It’s an absolutely fantastic addon.

It not availble any more there as the dev has already said in posts above. You’ll have to live with the version you have for now.

I must say though the Caribbean WU wouldn’t have been the same without this mod! Just fantastic. Makes places feel much more alive.

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