Marine RM = Pilotable Boats in MSFS 2020!

When I purchased the Sea Ray L510 Fly the passengers were fully modeled, and the right screen showed speed. What gives you the right without notice to devalue my purchase which I demand be reinstated to as I purchased.

Clearly, you don’t get how things work, pal.

Those “passengers” most likely violated certain “do’s & don’ts” under Microsoft’s terms of service (which definitely did).

Secondly, BUGS happen all the time. Things change constantly all the time, fowards, backwards, whether we like it or not. Such is life.

Coming here and getting lippy with the dev like a child won’t get you anywhere.

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Hi @ROG3341

As @CplPhokett said, the 3D models I made earlier, the women on the boat, were in bathing suits and this is not in line with Microsoft’s distribution guidelines as the game is open-rated. For the same reason, I was instructed by them to remove alcoholic beverages from the boat, the wine bottles.
I couldn’t give notice for this, but I described all of this in the changelog for the update that removed these items.

About gauges and screens that stop working, it’s true, everything in the Sim is constantly changing, some things break and other times forgotten codes start working, it’s a tense situation at times. The structure of the Sim as a sandbox gives us freedom, as a developer, to create coded solutions to different problems, but the source code of the game changes with each update and sometimes everything is lost.
But we will continue to improve the products whenever possible and necessary.

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Hi @philipnotting and @IOIOOIIOI8864

My boats are made with the use of VR glasses always in mind. Therefore, the browsing experience with them should be very pleasing!

It is possible to walk around the boats, on the deck and in some interior compartments of the boat that are modeled. In the case of Sailboat Nostalgia, the habitable deck with bedrooms, kitchen, living room and other things is below the waterline!

This pictures are WIP, the project is under improvement and development

The boats I’m designing for the next few months also have a very satisfactory level of quality for use in VR, mainly due to the animations and resources. So don’t be afraid to come back to it

Thanks everyone for the support! I will post updates on current and future projects here very soon.

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Hello everybody! I would like to talk about the next release after the Mega Yacht. This one, although ready since November, is being tested by the Microsoft team and this process may take some time, unfortunately. Talking about the current boat, here we are in front of one of the strongest and most versatile vessels today.

The Dual Fuel ASD Escort Tug, built by Gondán Shipbuilders, is one of the most modern boats of its type in the world, as it combines intelligent mechanics of two different fuels to handle temperatures of 20 degrees below zero in the extreme arctic. The system runs on LNG or diesel, thus ensuring operational flexibility and environmental sustainability.
The recobador has steel as its hull material and its two Wärtsilä 6L34DF engines produce 3000 kW each, sending all the power to two sets of azimuthal propellers. Its maximum speed is 15 knots and the mooring pull is 110 tons. At a speed of 10 knots, the steering force is 155 tons. A truly remarkable little one. The ship still has an operations crane, with a capacity of 3.8 tons and even a fast rescue boat, a Yamaha Outboard with 25hp.
The command bridge is innovative, has a 360-degree view and the ship is robust, 40.2m long and 6.3m deep, has accommodation for 8 crew members to navigate with great comfort and safety in the most diverse operations that the tug can perform.

Let’s hope for a soon release! :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much @RoProdMoraes, I will be buying one of your boats very soon - cannot wait to try them out in VR - it will be amazing!

I am very much enjoying the Sea Ray 510 Fly with the recent update. Disappointed that the women in bathing suits may not be included in the future updates, as well as wine bottles. Hopefully I can just keep using the version I have and not install further updates for the 510.

I am currently exploring the area around Ketchikan, AK, after launching at the water runway. I am still learning how to steer and navigate, but this version is working very well. Trying different weather conditions and am impressed with how realistic the water compares with reality. You are extremely talented, and I look forward to the new vessels in progress.

@RoProdMoraes I installed the SeaRay 510 from the flight simulator store and it works perfectly in VR. Many thanks, and I’m looking forward to your tug model!

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@philipnotting Many thanks for the support!

I would like to ask, if you feel free to do so, that you rate it in the store, as this is important for the product to remain attractive. Only do it if you want. Happy sails!

One of the updates coming soon to the Sea Ray L510 will include improved PBR textures for use in VR.

There is also, for an early 2023 release, the Ferry Boat MV Red Jet 7. Stay tuned!

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That’s amazing! I used to travel on the Red Jet Boats which ran a ferry service between the Isle of Wight and Southampton, UK.

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@philipnotting @IOIOOIIOI8864

I cover VR content exclusively, with many Marine RM boat vids in the pipeline.
I own all of RM’s products as they all work great in VR.
You can always check out my VR playback vids of these products before buying.
More VR boat vids coming soon, with full interior showcases.

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I highly recommend this channel! I’m subscribed!

@ImmersiveVR Your videos are amazing!!
I’m thinking of starting an early access program for the newest products, so that you and other content producers have the opportunity to test and create videos of the new ships if you’d like.
I think it will be very useful to the community and will make the channel grow in views as well. What do you think?

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I feel that’s a great idea!
Everyone eats, your products are awesome!

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it’s released?