Marshallers in Particular & Groundcrew in General

I read lots of posts about marshallers with only one wand and so on but me - I never see a marshaller at all!! True, I fly exclusively GA and often from small airfields and grass strips but even if I visit an international or other large airport (East Midlands, Liverpool, Carlisle etc) I don’t get seen off or in by any ground staff. I used to, but no more. The only groundcrew that I see is that muppet wandering around in front of the aircraft, obviously with a hearing defect, and passing through the prop disc. There is that other guy who lounges around on top of the electric tug who I have to taxi through. I used to see marshallers at Caernarfon, Valley, Mona, Liverpool, Hawerden and Carlisle but, for some time now, it has been a barren land for me.

I have ‘Worker Density’ set to 80% and I don’t know if there is anything else I can do. Any hints or tips?

Take into account that marshallers appear once you have an assigned parking spot or gate after taxing. So you need to go to the one assined by ATC (you can enable the taxi ribbon to double check that). Also remember that not all aircrafts may trigger marshallers. There´s a config entry in the aircraft to disable them and for some reason some third party liveries disable that. To be sure take the stock 747 and test it in a big airport like LEMD as this combination will trigger them in 99% of the parking spots/gates. I frequently use that airport and they work at the main terminals or at the satellite terminal. Just spawn on the runway and move to the terminals requisting taxi to ATC.

If you never see them, even on big airports, then you may have an addon with faulty ground services. Most likely it´s an uncompiled services file. This will disable the ground system overally in all airports, except in the ones that have a custom and correct ground services definition.

I reported some of those airports to the authors and they have fixed some of them as well. Check the following topics to know how to fix this manually till it´s patched:

Make a quick search on Community and OneStore folders for something like “Services.xml”, “Services.xml.txt”, “Services.txt” or “”. They are the typical errors. Anything else than “Services.spb” (the compiled one) will produce this error.


Having issues with “no pushback tug” and “missing marshaller” lately: is there something I can do on Xbox to search for the cause of the issues… rather than deleting a ton of 3rd party airports?

Not true you need have assigned by atc,

they apear at random places at APN. What was interesting to me some update ago they started working after i land on my preffered stand heh I don’t use generic atc so that was very kind heh Shame they disapeared at that my stand after some other next update. If this was developers intention then very nice idea.

Just like you @OMICO4146, I have found recently that marshallers appear randomly. I fly solely GA and I always, where possible, select a ramp position at my destination airfield. Communications by the ramp management are clearly not good though, as the ground crews are rarely at my requested slot but, if I keep a sharp eye out, they are there just not where I want them to be :smiley: Still only one wand though - although why they have wands in the day time I’m not sure :wink:


Some rules and safety regulations defines that I think,

here can say pro with many years experience, I don’t remember his nick but that his post was with screenshot of Alenia G222 in my opinion, very nice and powerful aircraft. Our Slovak Army have them also if I good remember.

aaaaaaaaaaaaah apologize :slight_smile: you’re that pro now i see your nick. Can you give maybe more lights to this?