Marshallers disappear due to wrong airport services configuration


I just found some errors on the following airports, which result in ground marshallers (the ones with the light batons at the parking spots) disappearing from all other airports worldwide. These are the airports, which I got via Marketplace:


They contain an uncompiled “services.xml.txt” file, located at “AirportServices” folder and also included in “layout.json” file. Game does not like this file format and it seems this breaks the marshallers system worldwide and they don´t appear anymore, except if the airports you are using contain a proper custom definition for ground services which overwrites the failure. But in this case they will only work on those particular airports, not in the rest.

I have sent a report to the authors but if you experience this problem as well (or you own other airports that have such wrong definition) you need to remove the “AirportServices” folder and remove also the “services.xml.txt” block included in “layout.json” to prevent the error until this is fixed.

Some days ago we discussed a similar problem that broke the whole ground services system due to wrong file formats being used at LOGL airport (a zip file in that case). That´s explained in the following post, if you face such problem with any other airport:

I hope this helps.



Another case I just noticed is Caelus Aerial Vilankulo (FQVL). It contains several uncompiled xml files which also produce the error. I sent a mail to the author as well.


Thanks for pointing this out. I can confirm this with the aerosoft and onfinal airports. Seems the new aerosoft-airport-enmh-mehamn is affected as well.

For me, it’s not only the marshallers which disapper - pushbacktrucks, gpu, catering trucks etc. are also missing.

Have you got any response?

I got a reply from both aerosoft and onfinal and they will check this. The aerosoft ones are developed by Fly Three Peaks if I’m not wrong so they will share that with original developer.


Do we know if services.xml files are ok? I wasn’t sure if the issue is only with the xml.txt files, or anything that isn’t a .spb file.

I don´t know. I just know that those non standard formats produce errors on the overall ground services system, at least with the latest game version. The aerosoft team told me they have been aware of these type of errors as well in the past days. It seems several of their airports come with such configs. I have many airports with custom services using the standard compiled files (Services.spb) and they don´t produce any issues.

For the time being I prefer to remove such configs. I don´t care to have a pushback cart in a small airport provided that the entire system is not broken worldwide.


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Good to hear. Thank you for your efforts.

AUSCENE airports are using the .xml variant and they seem to work. Well, at least they don’t break ground services worldwide.

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Thanks, for letting us know. Saves me going through all of my airports again!

I found another marketplace airport with errors that disables the overall ground system in game:


It contains the following path which is wrong: “\AirportServices\airport-lfbr-muretlherm\LFBR_Service\services.spb”. It should be something like “\AirportServices\LFBR\services.spb” instead. Till this is patched we need to remove the airportservices folder completely and update content.json as well, as explained in the previous posts.

I already reported it to the author.


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For me the deletion of the Mehamn airport not only brought back all the marshallers but also the pushback tugs! Is this known already?.. and thank you so much for the hint. You made my day! :+1::laughing::+1:

I reported it to author and I think they will fix it. Maybe it´s already done, I don´t know. For the time being you can just apply my fix if you want to keep the airport, as it works well apart from that issue.


Cannot do other than uninstall: I’m on XBox.