Master warning sound won't stop in TBM and other aircrafts

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Brief description of the issue: The master warning sound in the Daher TBM 930 won’t stop. I press the button and it keeps bipping.

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PC specs and/or peripheral set up of relevant: intel i5 9th gen 24gb ram, nvidia geforce gtx 1650 + logitech extreme 3d pro

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:latest update to this date: oct 10th, 2021

Its the Parking Breake, same here, hope for Help


How do they miss ■■■■ like this??? The only way to cancel the warning chime is to release the parking brake. The ONLY way to cancel the warning chime is to release the parking brake. So we now have to do cold startups without the parking brake unless we want to listen to the warning chime through the whole process. How could they miss this???

Also, within 10 or 20 seconds of takeoff, the ITT now goes into the red. I myself can’t put the throttle past 90%.

This is SOOOOOOOO frustrating… :rage:


Do you have Garmin 3000 mod? I think that is that the problem. I have the same problem on Citation Longitude. These two airplanes use Working Garmin 3000.

no no no… stock all the way. It’s a bug that they couldn’t have possibly have missed yet there it is. Isn’t there 5000 beta testers on this? No way nobody didn’t report this. It’s the first thing that happens and it’s like a banana cream pie in the face. You can’t ignore it or be unaware of it.


Problem exists without any mods. Parking Brake enables master alarm, and can’t be disabled, even though the master caution light switches off when pressed, alarm still rings until you release the brake.


In my case it was the C208 mod causing the problem. Updated said mod and problem solved.

It’s driving me nuts already to the point I’ve cut short my time on the sim today.

How was this MISSED?

Could there be a hotfix incoming?

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It’s parking break, if released it stops

Updated to SU6 just after posting on an empty Community folder and the problem re-appeared. Tried with TBM mod and WT G3000 and it’s still there.
It goes away releasing the parking brake AFTER engine start.

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Fasle sorry but several tests, brake released, the master alarm continues. The brake does not change anything. Do the test and you will see.

Strange, for me it stops when I release parking break. But master warning button is not shutting the alarm up.

Same on xbox

It wasn’t. There’s no way that 5000 beta testers missed this. Ignored reports by beta testers, yes. Missed as an accidental oversight… no

same for me
Community folder empty
The same with or without parking brake

I don’t have the Gramin 3000 mod. No mods at all.

I do have the Garmin 3000 mod.

When the engine is running releasing the parking break finally silence the warning. But the “Master warning” button is not functioning at all.


I confirm the same problem

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Same here on Xbox, also Strobe lights no longer work. They have added audible “don’t sinks into the G3000 and over Rev warnings

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Same on the Longitude.