Meigs charts! Where?

From where do you download the charts for Meigs?

Searching in google I’ve found this treasure:

…while I’m downloading the 40th Anniversary :slight_smile:

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Dont forget to download the actual field.

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Just to add clarity re. the post above…

Meigs Field now comes included with the 40th Anniversary Edition of MSFS, released today. Therefore there is no need to download any 3rd party add ons to introduce this airfied into MSFS.

If you are using a 3rd party add on for Meigs Field, then to prevent conflicts, it is advisable to remove one of these airfields from the in game content manager


Is there a way to exclude Miegs Field & have it remain as-is today?

Depends on if its a separate download like the aircraft’s and world sceneries.

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@android111 I guess if you don’t want this airport to feature in MSFS then use the in game content manager to uninstall the Meigs Field package.

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Ok, I’ll check it out… once it’s installed :wink:

Also here: which has some additional charts.

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This post has the old FS1 or FS2 region chart posted

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Just be aware folks, the MSFS 40th Anniversary version of Meigs Field has NO Instrument Approach Procedures. You can confirm it by updating the Scenery Load in an EFB like Little Nav Map and inspect the field for yourself.

I suspect if you use the NXi, the Garmin will provide you with a Visual Approach to both ends, but with the usual caveats of No Obstacle Clearance.


But the 36 visual approach chart is perfectly simulable (does it exist that word? :rofl:). Even almost 40 years later :smiling_face_with_tear:

But a Visual Approach is not an Instrument Approach. VA is perfectly adequate for VFR but once weather degrades…

Also - moved to #self-service:scenery