Memory Leak Gatwick EGKK , with or without 3d Party scenery

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Yes just to get the FPS counter

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Loading up on Gatwick EGKK , the frames over time reduces by 50 % , without doing anything

Loading up on London City or Even Heathrow does not have this issues , Only at Gatwick
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Start up on EGKK , wait and see your frames disappear

PC specs and/or peripheral set up if relevant:

Ryzen 5900x RTX 3080ti 32 Gb 3600Mhz 2 TB Nvme SSD Gen 4.0

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:

SU 9

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Technically, the answer is Yes to Dev Mode. :slight_smile:

Fixed , :slight_smile:

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Related topic, another user with similar issue:

Can not reproduce. My frames are fine. Give better repro steps please.

Edit - still waiting, my system and graphics RAM graphs are a flat line, as well as FPS.

Yip have the same fps drop,memory leak .Starting up at EGKK and within 15 - 30 min the frames drop on my system from 45 fps to 9 fps.The CPU is using only 1 core and is being utilized 100% and eventually the GPU stops working due to the ram being used up and will never recover.The sim will have to be restarted again.I have tested this several times with all UK scenery disabled also and have the same result.Have tested it at EGLL and EGLC with scenery activated and have no problems at those airports.My system is as follows I9900K, 32gb ram, 2 TB M.2, RTX2070 super oc. O also have removed Ambitious Pilots push back tool I believe that also is causing a memory leak so its not that ether.I First noticed it with the Fenix A320 and thought it was the aircraft but then discovered it with the PMDG 737 also so the fault is not with a specific aircraft ether.I hope someone can find the problem and fix it please.

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I didn’t wait that long, lol, but thanks for putting a time frame on it at least. Does it matter which gate and plane you spawn with?

I have the stock airport included with the base sim.

4 minutes in my fps goes from 33 down to 15fps

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I must say I only tested with PMDG and the Fenix but let me test with another plane and then I will update.

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Moved to #self-service:install-performance-graphics which is more appropriate whilst other users try to reproduce or troubleshoot this.

Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?


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I have now tested with the C172 for 30 min I have uploaded 2 screen shots one at 20 min and the other at 30 min

If relevant, provide additional screenshots/video:

Did the same with the 172 , 45 FPS down to 20 ish

Please consider a urgent fix , patch or just acknowledge the problem …

Where did the voting go, why has the voting disappeared? Whats going on here

Why move the post and disable the voting this a serious issue for some of us …

Tube liner pilots flying for VA’s etc , have to use this airport

The moving of this post was in bad faith and just censoring us …

Moderating must never become censoring …

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This is very bad faith from the moderators I agree, why trying to sweep the issue under the carpet by censoring it instead of fixing it!! Come on guys we pay a lot of hard earned money for this.


Why are you calling this a memory leak? Where is your evidence of that?

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What is a memory leak? Despite having adequate RAM and not running resource-intensive software, there can be another situation where all available RAM gets used and performance degrades. This is known as a memory leak, and it happens when software fails to manage the available RAM correctly , Just google it …

I know what a memory leak is. I am asking how you concluded it is a memory leak. Not all performance issues are due to memory leaks.

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Look at the pictures and then look at the CPU mem used at the beginning and at the end , Conclusion MEMORY LEAK …

The intention of the community support category is to troubleshoot and get a reproducible situation that can be filed as a bug report. This thread contains a lot of people trying to reproduce (which is good), but so far not succeeding.

Once a repeatable consensus has been found in here, a bug report thread is appropriate. At present there are too many things that could be causing the issue, and there doesn’t seem to be a consensus on how to reproduce the issue you’re seeing. For example - it could be a (possibly unrelated) 3rd party mod which would then be inappropriate to file as a bug report.