Metar ONLY for haze/visibility?

So far, I had to sadly say, that the “improved” weather in SU7 not only is not an improvement but it completely broke the beautiful live weather we had previously. With that in mind, and unless everything is caused by a massive bug, I would like to get back to the previous dynamic system.

However, visibility is still a key aspect for approaches and take offs, and an accurate visibility for these situations is needed (something METARS would do well). At the same time, it is perfectly feasible to disconnect both things no problem.

So, I wonder if the best solution would be Meteoblue dynamic model+METAR visibility working independently. Of course also rendering the whole visibility part of the weather at the same distances as the rest of the weather so no abrupt changes in visibility are possible.

What do you think?

hmm, this is what is talked about in this thread all the time ! :wink: !

Yeah, just wanted to make a more specific thread about this “idea”.


I have only done a bit of flying since SU7 but have not experienced big cloud transitions. What I have noticed is “pockets” of haze or fog sitting over airports and surround areas where other areas are completely clear. Wouldn’t your suggesting essentially do the same thing?

I have noticed that clouds are much more consistent to what I am seeing using Meteoblue maps as a flight planning tool. This is a big improvement IMO. I am much better able to decide if I can fly VFR vs IFR with the new weather.

I agree 100%.

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