Microprose B-17

Hello, I surprisingly haven’t seen a thread for the B17 so I figured start one.

Micropose, I never heard of them, don’t really care who makes it, but that was a really cool pleasant surprise announcement yesterday . Now we have confirmation of 2 Devs making a B17. While redundant, in this case it’s also good because (1) increases the chances of one coming out / for Xbox and (2) this Micropose seems to be planning a series of WW2 birds; hoping for the B29 and B24.

Trailer looks great, hope we get more info and a release by November or Christmas

anyone else looking forward to this?


Microprose, famous makers of Falcon 4.0.


Microprose, since 1982 … wonder if it’s the same boys/gamemaker… i’m hoping/guessing so!


They bought the brand back.


Schweet, that bodes very well!

Looking forwards to the B-17!

I think it’s this. A remake of Flying Fortress as a stand alone game:


I dont think so, Baracus, last night’s Las Vegas livestream mentioned the B-17 for msfs2024 if i remember correctly.


Oh, you youngsters… :rofl:


Oh, right, sorry. Not seen that yet! Then… wow… OK. Strange!

Here ya Go people, i skipped stumbled and found it back:


That’s pretty much the biggest news yet from the expo.


The trailer is also on YouTube as a standalone.:

Should be interesting to see how this compares to the FlyingIron one.


“Collection” strongly implies a series of aircraft.
Starting with the B-17 implies a series of WWII aircraft.
Being from Microprose implies quality and depth.

Captain Obvious

I cut my teeth on Falcon 4.0. I’m really looking forward to this. I hope they’re considering basing everything on the FS2024 model. (Not that I want them to leave FS2020 diehards behind, but I know I’ll be moving on.)


I didn’t think about the “Collection” part. I hope they do this well. The model and animations look good (though I suspect FlyingIron’s might look better in the end), just going to come down to the flight modeling and sounds but I’m really excited to see someone like Microprose enter the world of MSFS. It feels like such a rare, if not unique, crossover event in flight sim history to have one legendary flight sim game producer create content for another sim.


Hopefully you are right but it’s been 26 years since Falcon 4.0 so certainly different team and different environment.

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Personal Comments and Observations

I spent way too many hours with the likes of M1 Tank Platoon and other Microprose classics back in the day. That was the late 90s heydays of the studio, and they had cachet in the aviation genre before Electronic Arts landed the Janes’ license and became a runaway monster with that series.

Microprose by casual count has changed hands seven times - and only Bill Stealey is left at the helm from the original and famous Triumvirate of Sid Meier and Andy Hollis. The entity ceased to exist at one point I think after Hasbro bought them out and they were sold as a portfolio of IPs in name only to Infogrames.

Honestly, they’ve been living off their reputation by reviving a lot of the Microprose classic games, but a lot of their dev and marketing time has been dedicated to Sea Combat, which is shaping up to be an eye-candy version of GDW’s Harpoon desktop training game made famous by Larry Bond (Red Storm Rising).

So I’d love to see Microprose come back into the flight sim market. Certainly this is an interesting choice of product, but the Microprose of old and what is Microprose today - jury is still out. Let’s see the product.


Not the best choice of aircraft, with so many options we are now having three B-17s in development. Aeroplane Heaven, Flying Iron and now Microprose. Competition is good but there are other beautiful planes to make for the sim.

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I still miss my Intellivision B17 game. So just bring 'em!

European Air War was my favorite back in the day


oh there’s 3, I did not know AH was also doing it

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The trailer was remarkable for a complete absence of shots showing the cockpit :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Of course it may be the case because it is still in development but we’ve seen already an aircraft being sold cockpitless. Hope I am wrong here.